10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest in 2023

Over the past years, cryptocurrencies have become very popular, and now it is almost impossible to meet a person who has yet to hear about digital currencies. In 2023, the rates of various cryptocurrencies may continue to rise, making them very promising.

The crypto market is developing rapidly, and its market cap has already exceeded $1.2 trillion. The world’s largest investment funds are actively investing in various crypto assets. Thus, all these factors indicate that the industry is booming, and this trend may continue for some time.

In this regard, many investors are looking for the next promising cryptocurrency to invest in. Which cryptocurrencies are considered the most promising for investing in 2023? What crypto assets should you buy? Today we’ll try to find out!

Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023

DeFi and cryptocurrency sectors continue to gain popularity, and their impact on the digital world is only getting stronger. Companies are increasingly turning to decentralized technologies to innovate and improve their products.

Even the gaming industry has begun to incorporate blockchain technology into its projects, becoming one of the latest industries to take advantage of this opportunity.

NFT technologies, DeFi, and cryptocurrencies have led to a revolution in game trading between players. Digital assets can be exchanged for in-game items, prizes, characters, and much more.

In 2023, there are already thousands of newly created cryptocurrencies and tokens that could skyrocket, but popular cryptocurrencies will remain the safest crypto assets to invest in. Here are the top 10 crypto coins to buy in 2023!

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum is the second-largest cryptocurrency and an open-source blockchain platform that has played a significant role in developing decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and smart contracts. All the applications mentioned have the potential to revolutionize various industries, from finance to gaming to supply chain management. 

Moreover, Ethereum is highly scalable and is undergoing significant developments to speed up transactions and reduce transaction fees to make it more accessible and useable for a wider range of applications and users.

All-Time ETH Price Chart

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Solana (SOL)

Solana (SOL) is the native cryptocurrency of the Solana blockchain, focused on building decentralized applications with high scalability. Transaction throughput on the network scales in parallel with the throughput of the network itself by eliminating performance bottlenecks.

The SOL token is used for staking; that is, it helps to validate transactions and maintain the network, and at the same time, acts as a passive income tool for stakers. The dPoS mechanism allows you to delegate your assets to other users and receive interests from their earnings.

All-Time SOL Price Chart

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Decentraland (MANA)

MANA is the cryptocurrency of the Decentraland metaverse. Buying this kind of Web3 token is one of the best solutions for those who want to invest in the birth of virtual worlds. Decentraland is an opportunity to bridge the gap between the real and digital worlds with the help of virtual reality. With the help of the project token, it is possible to buy land, rent it out, build virtual real estate, and much more.

After acquiring virtual land, users will be able to build any property (shopping center, apartment, house, or casino). In-game buildings bring a lot of profit, which can be converted into real money. It should be noted that many real estate projects, which have been created in Decentraland since the ecosystem’s launch, have been sold for millions of dollars.

All-Time MANA Price Chart

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Binance Coin (BNB)

BNB is a native coin of the Binance crypto exchange, which ranks 4th crypto by market cap. The asset boasts one of the highest ROIs on the market, making it an attractive coin for crypto investors in 2023.

The Binance currency is highly deflationary, and tokenized assets are burned quarterly. Over time, this quarterly supply reduction will benefit BNB. As a result, BNB could be the next promising cryptocurrency to see its price skyrocket in 2023.

All-Time BNB Price Chart

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Cardano (ADA)

Cardano is a decentralized platform that has been in development since 2017. Since then, it has made significant progress — in 2022, Cardano adopted smart contracts. Three large R&D firms in cryptography, engineering, and blockchain technology are behind the project. These characteristics make the coin attractive for both short-term and long-term investments.

The use of Cardano as a launcher for dApps is likely to expand as its technical capabilities improve. It is safe to say that Cardano is a high-potential cryptocurrency that is expected to skyrocket in 2023. The World Economic Forum considers Cardano one of the most scalable blockchains.

All-Time ADA Price Chart

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Shiba Inu (SHIB)

SHIB token was created following the example of Dogecoin, but with a couple of key differences. Firstly, the coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Secondly, the issue is limited to 1,000,000,000,000,000 tokens. 

In addition, Shiba Inu strives to become a more sustainable project in the long term by launching additional products such as a DEX. The team burned half of the issue by sending the tokens to Vitalik Buterin’s wallet, who later donated them to charity.

All-Time SHIB Price Chart

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Axie Infinity (AXS)

AXS is a metaverse coin that has skyrocketed in value over the past years. First of all, this is due to NFT games where you can earn money. Such games allow users to create in-game avatars and then monetize them as NFTs.

The usefulness of the token in the game is one of the features that make Axie Infinity an attractive investment. The game currently has approximately 2.8 million players daily and $3.6 billion in AXS transactions. Thus, AXS could be the next promising cryptocurrency to explode in 2023.

All-Time AXS Price Chart

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Polkadot (DOT)

Polkadot is a protocol for connecting various blockchains with each other to quickly and conveniently exchange information and transactions between them. The platform provides an easy way to run decentralized apps (dApps). Using this protocol, anyone can create their own blockchain and run applications on it. 

The DOT token is what powers the network, being Polkadot’s native coin. The token is used for payment of network fees, governance voting, validating rights, and interoperability.

All-Time DOT Price Chart

VeChain (VET)

The VeChain project was launched in 2007, and the internal currency VET went live in 2015. This is a promising cryptocurrency that processes and transforms data. It has a specific target audience — entrepreneurs. For them, the project provides data storage, transparency of information flows, and security of transactions with each other.

VeChain developers are one of the earliest teams in the world that work with blockchain technology. They already have vast and proven experience in using the technology in various industries like agriculture, luxury goods, and liquor.

All-Time VET Price Chart

Hedera (HBAR)

Hedera is a fully open-source public distributed ledger that utilizes the fast, fair, and secure hashgraph consensus. The project strives to serve as a platform on which anyone can transact and deploy applications but where a group of businesses oversees the software. 

HBAR is both a general-purpose cryptocurrency and the utility token of the Hedera network. HBARs are also used on the network to pay fees for transactions.

All-Time HBAR Price Chart

Is Bitcoin a Good Investment in 2023?

Discussions about Bitcoin and its impact on the cryptocurrency market differ depending on the perspective of supporters and opponents. Some people consider it the future of the financial system, while others compare it to the notorious pyramid scheme scam.

In a few years, the global crypto market cap has risen from $200 billion in 2019 to over $2.2 trillion by the end of 2021.

Key BTC Pros

  • More and more companies are starting to use bitcoin as a means of payment, contributing to BTC’s growth.
  • The supply of bitcoin is strictly limited — a total of 21 million coins can be mined. At the same time, banks can print fiat currency indefinitely, causing it to depreciate.
  • Bitcoin uses blockchain technology, which allows decentralized and secure transactions and avoids fees that banks and financial institutions usually charge.

Key BTC Cons

  • Bitcoin has many competitors that may be more attractive to use in some cases.
  • Bitcoin is characterized by high volatility, which can lead to significant financial losses for investors in case of a strong price drop.
All-Time BTC Price Chart

Which Cryptocurrency May Skyrocket in 2023?

You can own Bitcoin not by buying a whole coin but by buying part of it. Crypto investors, however, often seek to find promising cryptocurrencies with a low unit price.

So which unusual cryptocurrency tokens are considered profitable to buy in 2023?

Theta Fuel (TFUEL)

Theta is a decentralized video streaming network that uses the free bandwidth and computing power of users to improve video quality. The video streaming market is constantly growing, and the price of the TFUEL token is predicted to rise significantly, given the size of the market and the project’s advantages over centralized competitors.

All-Time TFUEL Price Chart

Ravencoin (RVN)

The Ravencoin platform makes it easy to create and transfer assets. It allows you to create digital assets, tokenize almost everything that has value, and has a number of advantages over tokens issued on other platforms. In addition, the project is still growing and enjoying the support of the crypto community, which indicates the potential for an increase in the RVN coin’s price in the future.

All-Time RVN Price Chart

Audius (AUDIO) 

Audius is a decentralized music streaming platform. Here every musician can create music content and profit from it. You don’t need to sign a record deal or have a huge audience to start promoting your music on your own terms. Although the application has not yet received wide popularity, many experts already call it a competitor to Spotify.

All-Time AUDIO Price Chart

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According to analysts, 2023 will be a turning point for cryptocurrencies. Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, Polkadot, Binance Coin, and other cryptocurrencies will be the most promising coins that will see an increase in their value. These cryptocurrencies are actively developing and attracting the attention of many investors, including large companies.

Also, one should not forget about bitcoin. Bitcoin is on its way to becoming a widely recognized asset like gold and other precious metals, government bonds, and securities. Experts predict that by 2023 the government and many public and private institutions will show a more serious interest in digital assets.


This information is provided for informational purposes only. Such information is not intended as and may not be relied upon as trading advice. Before deciding to trade cryptocurrencies, you should carefully consider your objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. Please do your own research and due diligence on the services provided by online cryptocurrency trading platforms.

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