5 Best NFT Games You Can Play to Earn $100 a Day

Would you be surprised if we said that it is possible to make $100 a day from scratch by playing online games? Perhaps most people don’t know — there is a whole new separate genre, the audience of which is seriously growing day by day. Today, we are talking about a hype topic — top NFT games, Play-to-Earn and blockchain-based games.

Top NFT Games: Key Things to Know

Of course, the game audience grows when there is a real opportunity to receive money just for the time spent in the game (as, for example, in Axie Infinity). You get real tokens, and then you can swap them for traditional money, withdraw them or invest further. Plus, these game tokens are constantly growing in value!

The era of games with NFT tokens has already dawned since projects in this area appear regularly. Not all of them are equally interesting, and if you decide to join the trend, make sure to choose only the best ones. 

Today, we will present you NFT games list, where we have analyzed all 5 games, how to play them and how to make money while playing.

NFT Games List: Brief Disclaimer

Before diving into our top 5, here is a brief disclaimer. We want to share the gaming experience and, of course, tell you how you can earn coins in these games. Remember that all cryptocurrencies have different volatility. The rate changes every day, so earning opportunities can vary significantly from day to day.

The industry is new, and it definitely takes time to start working more stable in the long term, so don’t forget about the existing risks. Today’s review will be based on the current market situation. Here are the best NFT games 2021, where you can earn money today. Let’s get started!

#1 Axie Infinity

The number one game in this top NFT games is Axie Infinity! It is a fun Ethereum NFT collectible game where users battle each other and breed new Axie digital creatures.

To start playing, you need to download the game, register, and buy at least three Axies. Each Axie is a unique non-fungible NFT token. You can grow your Axies, trade them, build teams with them, and fight other players.

In Axie Infinity, you can not only make money by selling your digital pets. During the game, you receive SLP and AXS tokens for each win.

SLP is a cryptocurrency that you can use to crossbreed your existing Axies and create a baby Axie to sell. And also, you can just sell your SLPs or exchange them for any other cryptocurrency. You can stake SLP and AXS tokens on an exchange or use them to vote on game development.

It’s worth noting that Axie Infinity has more in common with investing than with regular blockchain games. It combines the Pay-to-Win and Play-to-Earn mechanics. The end result is something like Pay-to-Win-to-Earn.

So, to start playing Axie Infinity, you need an initial investment, and then everything depends on the efforts and skills of the player. The fans of collectible battle and card games will definitely like Axie Infinity.

Now you can earn about $5 per hour playing Axie Infinity. However, this figure can grow significantly along with the SLP coin price.

#2 Town Star

The second game on our NFT games list is entirely free to play. However, if you want to be especially competitive, some of the in-game NFTs will be pretty useful.

Not all people will like the fact that players can perform much more effectively by investing financial resources, but most NFT games will function according to such mechanics.

On the other hand, if you stop enjoying the game, you can always sell your NFT items. Sometimes you will even receive profit, especially if you have exclusive NFTs and the popularity of the game and the number of players is growing.

Game mechanics is a competitive simulator where everyone creates their own farms. The competition cycle is one week, after which the winners are determined. The winners are awarded GALA coins. Also, the game allows players to mine BOXcoin, but this process requires large investments.

#3 Splinterlands

Splinterlands is one of the best NFT games 2021. You don’t need to understand blockchain or cryptocurrencies to generate income in Splinterlands, and the only thing you need to do is play the game well.

In September 2021, the NFT collectible card game Splinterlands came out on top in the ranking of blockchain games, and it is one of the best NFT games to date.

Splinterlands is an NFT tactical card game where you collect character cards with their unique set of stats and then use them to fight other players. 

All in-game cards serve as NFTs, and this fact guarantees the players the right to own them. The battle takes place automatically, and you should pay main attention to cards deck selection and battle strategy.

One of the game’s advantages is that any player always has a chance to win regardless of experience, skill level, or card collection size. Players receive a reward in the form of native tokens for winning battles, tournaments, and quests.

You can also freely trade your cards on the secondary market. This allows you not only to have fun while playing but also to earn some tokens and NFTs.

#4 Gods Unchained

The number 4 game on the list of the best NFT games is Gods Unchained. Gods Unchained is a card game similar to the popular game HearthStone.

The game’s essence is as follows: players fight each other using their decks built of NFT cards. At the moment, the cards themselves are not mainly in demand and do not represent much value. However, the possible growth of the game’s audience can change this significantly. Those who play the game right now will benefit from the growth.

#5 Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds has also been one of the most popular blockchain games in recent months, which about 2 million users play. Alien Worlds allows you to earn TLM tokens which have been listed on the Binance exchange since April.

You can earn from 1 to 3 tokens per hour. To play, you need to create a Wax-wallet. Basically, all you need to do is click a single button at a particular time to mine in-game coins. You can choose the planet for mining and the NFT hardware with which the mining process takes place.

Best NFT Games 2021: Final Conclusions

Today we have considered the top 5 NFT games you can start playing today and earn some coins. As was mentioned before, the industry is very new and will definitely continue to evolve. The dream of all gamers becomes real, and now it is possible to earn money while playing!

The main thing is to start playing right now, not think too long before the bus is gone, and wait for the upcoming NFT games!

What are your favorite NFT games? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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