5 Crazy Blockchain Startup Ideas That Might Actually Work

Bitcoin and blockchain were originally crazy ideas that almost no one believed in. And today companies like Tesla and PayPal have stepped in, and Mastercard also wants to make Bitcoin payments possible for all customers soon. Today there are new crazy ideas that could later become mainstream as well. Let’s consider the 5 most interesting examples.

Ujo Music

Everyone knows how musicians are often dependent on music concerts or organizers. Many music producers want to cash in with successful singers and would like to earn easy money. What if every fan could buy tracks directly from a singer — without intermediaries, so to speak?

This is exactly what Ujo Music wants to make possible. Thanks to Ethereum blockchain technology, royalties of musicians are recorded. So singers themselves can control their property and income. What a surprise that the idea isn’t particularly supported by big record labels.


Bountyboards is a prototype skateboard that uses Ruuvi sensors and weeve software to let riders earn ETH for completed tricks. The app thus combines real sport with e-sport in a new, unique way. You don’t even have to be on the same continent. A real skateboarder could even race against an eSportsman in a video game. Crypto tokens are paid out as rewards. These are the so-called bounties that give the project its name.


Nowadays everyone wants to know the origin of meat or other products in the supermarket. Spinosa came up with the idea that blockchain technology could also be used for this. This is a dairy production company from Italy that makes buffalo mozzarella. With the help of blockchain, every customer can now determine exactly where the buffalo mozzarella in the fridge comes from. The entire route from the buffalo to the customer is displayed via a QR code. For Italian food producers, this could be a big step into the future.


Ian Angell of the London School of Economics was also part of the European Space Agency for a long time. His goal is to use Spacebit to enable everyone to access space. The first project called ‘Ground Segment’ aims to optimize communication for space vehicles, as their number is increasing.


Everyone knows how much money can be invested in your teeth. The main goal of Dentacoin (DCN) is to optimize the relationship between dentists, patients, insurance companies, and manufacturers. The company remains confident of success and the overall idea of the Dentacoin project and will continue to develop it further.

What other crazy blockchain startup ideas do you know? Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments!

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