7 Best Popular NFT Games to Actually Earn Crypto 2021

Modern technologies never cease to amaze, and only those who follow trends understand how firmly they are flowing into everyday life. In particular, cryptocurrencies and blockchain have long gone beyond the creation of new digital money. Thus, developers use them almost in all areas, and the game industry is no exception. 

Today, we will consider the best NFT games 2021 as well as their main features and earning opportunities. Let’s get started!

Top NFT Games: The Pioneer of NFT Gaming

Gaming is just one of the areas where this technology is applied. The pioneer of this area was the CryptoKitties project. For a long time, the game was considered one of the top NTF games!

Players invested millions of dollars in it and spent them buying cats, which grew and could be bred. The developers made sure every new character with unique stats was generated every 15 minutes.

The cost was determined based on five previous transactions. However, the creation of new blocks (cats) stopped in 2018. The players were able to get new cats only by crossbreeding them. It was necessary to pay for breeding offspring, but then players would be able to make a lot of money on the kittens. The most expensive cat was sold for 600 ETH.


Now the CryptoKitties game has lost its former popularity. Still, its creators tried to do something similar (they launched KittyPillar and Kitty Kred), but they never reached the same level of popularity. 

CryptoKitties was replaced by other, more interesting, and well-developed projects. To understand how they work, you can draw an analogy with the Steam platform. There, users can buy and sell different in-game items, accounts, or skins. However, this system is centralized and takes a commission from operations.

Best NFT Games 2021: Axie Infinity

In the summer of 2021, the news about a sharp rise in the AXS crypto’s rate hit the Internet. AXS cryptocurrency was created together with Axie Infinity, also known as one of the best NFT games 2021. 

Axie Infinity is an exciting project where users can purchase the fairy-tale creatures Axies. These monsters can be bred, populate land plots, change body parts, and participate in battles.

Axie Infinity Battle

Games like this have been launched before, but Axie Infinity developers made great efforts and created something unique. And here is why!

  • First, players have many in-game opportunities. 
  • Secondly, the design is fantastic. 
  • Thirdly, the developers created an individual market to buy/sell Axies and land plots. 

Trades statistics are updated on the Marketplace every day. Today alone, almost 66,000 sales were made, totaling more than $19 million.

Last 24h Total Axies Sale

Monsters belong to different classes, have unique basic stats. You can arrange Axies in battles at your discretion, use magic, and so on. The game is exciting and considered one of the best NFT games to date! The developers continue to improve it and plan to add an open world soon.

If you are interested in the project, read our ultimate guide on Axie Infinity, full of in-game screenshots and helpful information!

The huge popularity of this game has attracted traders as well. They build their Axie teams, find the best lots, buy and sell their creatures. In the description of each Axie, there are statistics of purchases/sales.

Best NFT Games List: Top 7 Games You Need to Know

The era of games with NFT tokens has already dawned since projects in this area appear regularly. Not all of them are equally interesting, and if you decide to join the trend, make sure to choose only the best ones. Here is our best NFT games list!


We will start our NFT games list with Mobox. To start the game, you will need a crypto wallet and start-up capital. You need money to buy MOMO heroes, which are divided into collections. After collecting them, you get bonus hashes that generate a profit. Unlike similar projects, players farm the keys to the chests where different heroes are located. The heroes, in turn, are used to mine MBOX coins.

Mobox Game

The game is full of exciting functions. Thus, to upgrade MOMO you need to feed it other characters of a lower level. Additional investments are required to upgrade your miners. In the Token Master section, you can start with a small amount and take part in a prize drawing.


Splinterlands is a decentralized blockchain card game, which has many analogues. Players need to collect cards to use them in further battles. All cards have specific stats and abilities. In-game items can be traded as physical goods, not only on the internal exchange.

Splinterlands Battle

In-game cards are limited in number and have different prices. Some are given away for free, others are purchased by large investors. With a competent approach and a happy coincidence of circumstances, it is possible to recoup the costs in a few weeks. The main thing is to win battles to receive rating points.


The game Upland runs on the EOS blockchain. You start as a Visitor, and after purchasing real estate, you get the status of a citizen, and from that moment, the game begins. The rating system allows you to unlock more opportunities as you gain points. A separate world is created here, divided into cities and buildings, where each land plot can be bought and sold.

Upland Game

Players build facilities, make deals, and at the very start, each newcomer will receive a welcome gift of 3000 UPX. You can walk around real cities that are created using Google maps. Objects that are on sale are highlighted in blue and occupied buildings — in green. And if you have investments, you can buy a whole district instantly.


It is a new game for football fans where you can collect cards with real-life footballers. Some users buy them, while others are engaged in trading and participate in tournaments. Each card is a digital asset officially licensed by a league or club. This project has already become a partner of more than 100 clubs, and their number is constantly growing.

Sorare NFT Cards

People from all over the world have collected collectible football cards for many years. Here they are digital, but the interest is exactly the same. There is no need to verify their authenticity since the blockchain guarantees this. The circulation is not limited. The cards are divided into classes, and you can obtain the first ten only with registration.

Waves Ducks

Waves Ducks is one of the best NFT games to collect digital ducks. You can buy, crossbreed them, changed their appearance, and more. The founder of the Waves platform sold one of his ducks for $1 million. The genotype indicates the stats of the duck, and you have to pay money for each offspring.

Waves Ducks Game

The developers have issued EGG tokens, and the total supply is 1 million coins. By crossbreeding different ducks, you get offspring with a 50% chance of inheritance. Usually, body parts are transferred, but this is not always the case. Ducks can breed only once. 


It is a decentralized game about Ether monsters, which rums on Ethereum smart contracts. While playing, users earn EMONT internal currency (ERC-20 standard token). They have three main tasks — catching monsters, breeding new species, and participating in battles between real users.

Ethermon Game

The game offers many opportunities — you need to grow monsters from eggs, which can be sold or rented. There are various modes for battles (gym, castles, practice, and tournaments). At the start, you will need an Ethereum wallet with support for tokens. Collect in-game items, build up your combat power, level up, and transform your monsters.

The Crypto Prophecies

It is a unique game where you need to predict prices. There are also in-game characters acting as NFT tokens. Users can place bets or fight other players. At the start, you will need to purchase a hero. Developers are already collaborating with large projects, and the fan base is growing rapidly.

The Crypto Prophecies Battle

Traders will certainly like the project because you need to predict the rate movements and apply spells on candles used on charts. Popular exchanges already trade the project’s tokens.

Some top NFT games are similar and differ only visually. Those who decide to make money on them should register on all platforms at once. With bonuses, additional features, and affiliate programs, it’s possible to start from scratch. The main thing is not to think too long before the bus is gone and wait for upcoming NFT games!


Cryptocurrencies are constantly not considered a rival, and many people do not believe that blockchain will be used everywhere. Well, we see the opposite picture —  the technology is integrated into all areas, and digital coins are growing in value. 

This also applies to NFT tokens, which have been actively integrated into the development of new projects only in the last few years. The huge popularity of blockchain games speaks of the development of the niche as a whole. NFT tokens have a great advantage as each block is unique. This is an important point for the digital product market. 

What is your personal best NFT games list? Feel free to share it in the comments below!

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