ARYZE eEUR Goes Live at Switchere

We’ve got excellent news for you — we’ve partnered with ARYZE, and a new crypto eEUR by ARYZE is now available for instant buy and exchange operations at Switchere!

Starting today, you will be able to buy and exchange ARYZE eEUR stablecoin at Switchere with fiat using any available payment method! 

Inspired by cash and CBDCs, the team behind ARYZE has developed Digital Cash – a series of full-reserve and fully solvent stablecoins free from credit, bank, and counterparty risks.  

ARYZE eEUR is their first stablecoin now available through Switchere, and the perfect alternative to traditional fiat currency that you can use to store, send, and receive value in a secure and efficient way. 

Compared to other cryptocurrencies on the market, ARYZE eEUR is not subject to wild swings in value and you can always redeem it to traditional fiat.  

ARYZE’s full reserve infrastructure guarantees that eEUR and future Digital Cash stablecoins will always be backed by government assets (such as US T-bills, cash, or European Bonds). This means that your money is always safe and secure, and you can rest assured that it will retain its value over time.

Surprising Bonuses

As an exclusive promotional offer, ARYZE is currently providing service fee refunds for everyone who purchases ARYZE eEUR.  

Join the ARYZE Discord server today and get your service fee refunded in RYZE tokens! You can easily create a support ticket and privately share your purchase invoice. The ARYZE finance team will then process your refund, and give confirmation once it has been finalized.

Buying Crypto With Switchere Is Easy

Switchere crypto swaps are characterized by fast speed and maximum efficiency — you are able to purchase crypto in the fastest and most convenient ways at the best exchange rates and without any extra charges. 

Enjoy the fastest order processing and instant delivery — in fact, you get your ordered amount of crypto within minutes after making a payment.

ARYZE eEUR is now available at Switchere


ARYZE is a Copenhagen-based fintech with a mission to solve the biggest problems within the financial system, by promoting global financial inclusion and enabling the two billion unbanked people worldwide to access basic financial services.

About Switchere

Switchere is an online exchange for buying cryptocurrencies. The company is a licensed provider of financial services, with guaranteed legal compliance and a secure infrastructure system for fast crypto exchange services at fair prices.

Take advantage of our partnership with ARYZE and buy ARYZE eEUR stablecoin at Switchere easily and securely!

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