Axie Infinity NFT Game Guide: October Development Update to Know 2021

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game in which players fight each other using fantastic creatures, representing an NFT token. Players can buy, create new creatures and trade them. Since the game’s launch in November 2020, the token’s value has grown by 98,514% to $121.69.

In October, the Axie Infinity game project demonstrated tremendous success:

  • Sky Mavis has raised $152 million in a Series B funding
  • AXS staking was successfully launched — 25% of the circulating AXS supply is now staked.
  • Development on the Ronin decentralized exchange (DEX), Battle V2, and new playable levels continues.

Let’s have a look at the official data from the developers to find out what awaits the project in the future!


The Axie project grows steadily. The team is preparing to launch Ronin DEX and Battles V2.

 Число активных игроков составляет 2 млн пользователей ежедневно
The number of active players is 2 million users daily
 Ежемесячная выручка уступает только Ethereum
Monthly revenue is second only to Ethereum
 Рейтинг Amazon Alexa — в перечне 500 самых популярных мировых веб-сайтов
Amazon Alexa Rank — is in the world’s 500 most popular websites

Battles V2

Battles V2 (Axie Infinity: Origin) is an upcoming battle update. Internal testing is currently being prepared, after which the players will be able to join it.

Краткий обзор карт  Battles V2 (Axie Infinity: Origin)
A sneak peak of the V2 cards

In October, the development team focused on better balancing cards, improving animations and art, and simplifying the user interface.


Land is a game mode under development, thanks to which gamers will be able to build up their bases with structures and decorations and gather resources. It will be possible to fight for control of neutral territory.

This month the Axie Infinity team:

  • Started research on upgrade resource requirements
  • Worked on defining rules and requirements around inventory management.
  • Worked on trees, tech structures, and camera views.
  • Defined the bonuses and advantages of various land types.
  • Increased the total size of land plots to achieve more functionality.


Ronin is still the most used Ethereum sidechain for NFTs. More than 25% of AXS has been staked. Along with funds in the treasury, over 50% of the AXS supply has been locked out of circulation. This will provide an increase in the token’s value.

Ronin wallet passed 2 million downloads and hit a new record of daily active addresses of 428,536 on October 4th. Currently, the wallet has more than $5 billion in assets deposited.

Статистика Ronin
Ronin Statistics

The Ronin DEX is on its way. The date of its launch has already been determined but is kept secret. Today, it is also possible to purchase AXS and SLP tokens on Ronin with a credit card via the Ramp Network!

If you are interested in the project, read our ultimate guide on Axie Infinity, full of in-game screenshots and helpful information! Also, if you want to see more articles about in-game updates, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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