Axie Infinity Origin Is Available in Free Early Access

A soft launch (Alpha) of Sky Mavis’ new game mode, Axie Infinity: Origin, has taken place. The game is free to play (no need to buy an Axie), which will attract more users to Axie Infinity and help to make the gaming economy more sustainable.

So far, there is only a PC version. You can download it on the official website of the game project by clicking on the appropriate button in the upper right corner of the page or by updating your Mavis Hub to the current version. Mobile versions of the game for Android and iOS will be available later.

The project’s launch was preceded by a week filled with events and news. For example, a trailer for a game project was released, in which you could see the updated visualization of in-game characters and cards.

Well, the graphics look much better than before. However, due to the change in the game principle and the addition of new cards and artifacts, the gameplay may seem more complex at first glance.

For example, earlier, both opponents chose and played cards simultaneously, and then the battle picture followed — and now the battle mechanics have changed. Therefore, Axies adherents will have to spend time developing a new strategy.

According to the game creators, this is an Early Launch so far. Therefore, many changes will take place in the coming weeks and months. 

All progress made in the Alpha stage will be canceled before the full launch.

Thus, you have a great opportunity to go through a thorny path of trial and error to come up with a new strategy. And failures will not affect your ranking in any way. So walk around Lunacia and have fun!

Axie Infinity Origin

New Gameplay

All accounts that existed in the game have been migrated to the new Sky Mavis database. Log in to your PC, sync your Axie, and just start playing Origin. New players who do not have Axies can start playing by clicking the ‘Register’ button and creating a new account.

In the future, they can purchase NFTs to earn some money. To do this, you will need to register an address with Ronin, deposit or buy some ETH, and then purchase Axies.

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Key Changes:

  • New card design.
  • New mechanic that replaced critical strikes.
  • Bonus artifacts: runes/talismans (available for now for free, in the future — for SLP).
  • Cards for 2 additional body parts (eyes and ears).
  • More pleasant music, which may be changed in future versions.

Some cards are currently available only for Axies in Origin. Perhaps there will be a crafting system in the future, allowing the creation of more valuable artifacts from low-level talismans and runes.

Since there will be no rewards in Origin, the classic combat will work in parallel with the Alpha of the new game version. As soon as stabilization is achieved, all the achievements of the old version will be transferred to the new one, and a full launch will take place.

The game creators emphasize that combat and other in-game mechanisms will change in the foreseeable future. Therefore, you should not make hasty conclusions, sell and buy new Axies, focusing on the current picture.

Have you ever played Axie Infinity? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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