Best Crypto News Apps: Top 3 Best Android & iOS Apps

Anyone who has bought bitcoins or altcoins would like to keep an eye on the market value at all times. This is what the best crypto news apps are all about. For this reason, different apps for smartphones are becoming increasingly popular. Almost all of them are available on iOS & Android. With the help of such an app, a Bitcoin wallet can be managed easily and with other existing features there are many additional uses. 

Some of these apps are free of charge, while others cost a fee and are usually more extensive in terms of services. A user should decide which of the apps suits his/her needs best. We have compiled a list of the top 3 crypto news apps for Android & iOS to make your selection much easier. Let’s get started!

Best Apps for Crypto News: Key Things to Know

Cryptocurrencies today are a focus of attention of a number of investors. More and more people are hearing more or less about the digital currency. Since altcoins have also proven to be profitable on an exchange due to significant price increases, this fact has caused quite a sensation around apps for crypto news. 

That is, anyone who has purchased bitcoins or altcoins needs an app for iOS or Android to manage the digital currency. There is a wallet that supports a mobile version for a smartphone. 

However, some apps provide a much wider range of opportunities and allow to monitor market prices or mining fees as well as various cryptocurrency news. These services are paid for in bitcoins or altcoins via a PC or a smartphone. So if you want to deal with a digital currency, you need the best apps for crypto news, which are usually offered for both iOS and Android. These apps allow users to buy Bitcoin via a smartphone.

How Do Cryptocurrency Apps for iOS & Android Work?

This depends on a purpose of an app, as some of them are primarily used to manage a wallet. Others help to monitor a situation on the cryptocurrency market. Some best crypto apps for news are designed to provide a user with the latest market information. Or they provide an exchange rate ​​of a digital currency in real-time so that a user can react immediately.

These apps offer simplified handling of digital currencies and make everyday use of them much easier. Depending on the purpose, they ensure that investors have access to their wallets anywhere and at any time.

Best Apps Mac for Crypto News: Top 3 Apps & Their Features

Below you will find a brief overview of the top 3 best apps mac for crypto news along with a brief description and key pros.


eToro is a leading trading platform for trading cryptocurrencies with over 200,000 active users, several options for both newbies and experienced traders as well as numerous tutorials. Two iOS and Android apps from eToro are characterized by excellent usability and contain the best crypto apps news. 

Key Features & Pros

  • Safe trading of cryptocurrencies;
  • Flexible and cheap;
  • Suitable for newbies and professionals;
  • Charts and analyzes;
  • Numerous tips and tutorials.


Coindesk is a modern app for Android and iOS which offers different features for a current Bitcoin price, various currency news, calculator for Bitcoin, and price alert. With Coindesk, investors can always follow the latest movements and trends on the market and react promptly to changes. Coindesk is considered one of the best crypto news apps.

Key Features & Pros

  • Updates almost every minute;
  • Realtime Bitcoin price index;
  • Price alert;
  • Latest news;
  • Calculator.


Blockchain is also a well-known and proven wallet to manage altcoins and cryptocurrencies. Blockchain can even do this anonymously and free of charge. Security is at a high level because an AES encryption protocol is used. Blockchain is already used in international money transactions.

Key Features & Pros

  • Free transactions; 
  • Immediate update after transactions; 
  • Notifications via email or SMS; 
  • Security with private keys; 
  • Backups; 
  • AES encryption protocol.

What other cryptocurrency apps do you consider the best ones? Just share your opinion in the comments!

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