Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy in 2023: Which Crypto to Invest In?

What cryptocurrency to invest in when new coins appear on the market almost every day? Of course, you shouldn’t forget the largest assets in terms of market cap, BTC and ETH, but what other coins to choose from? Today, we will consider the most promising cryptocurrencies for 2023. Let’s get started!  

Bitcoin (BTC)

Currently, BTC is in a downtrend, so the probability of a rate decline to recent lows ($41K and a further drop to $40K) remains. It will be reasonable to talk about a trend change only if the price fixes above $55K. Of course, the rest of the coins will follow the dynamics of the main cryptocurrency, with rare exceptions.

Once prices have dropped enough, it will be much easier to push BTC to new highs, especially if done correctly.

All-Time BTC Price Chart

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Ether (ETH)

As is well known, a large amount of positive or negative news influences the price of digital assets. In 2022, you won’t even need to look for special reasons because the long-awaited switch of Ethereum to PoS will take place in the middle of the year, which will significantly increase the efficiency of the network. The event should have a positive effect on the network’s native token (the rate expectations are near $7-8K) and on the rest of the market.

All-Time ETH Price Chart

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New Projects

The market is now clearly overbought. All projects from blockchain networks (Solana, Terra) to metaverses (DecentralandThe Sandbox) have already produced excellent returns. Thus, a more productive approach would be to search for new projects launchpads. You don’t even need to overthink here: a project from the hype sphere with large funds behind its back is guaranteed to bring good returns.

For example, Immutable-x tokens (a zk-rollup NFT solution for Ethereum) are still 35 times their original price.

All-Time $IMX Price Chart

Despite the correction, ventures continue to fund meta and gaming startups, which they will then actively promote: list tokens on exchanges and maintain the value of coins.

You should pay attention to projects that develop bridges between different metaverses, such as TreasureDAO. The idea of ​​integrating different worlds is in the air, and those who can succeed in this business can easily increase their market cap significantly.

Which crypto do you find the most promising one for 2023? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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