Best NFT Metaverse Projects: Top 10 NFT Games to Make Money 2023

The crypto industry is actively developing the metaverse sector — as it turned out, digital worlds are perfectly combined with blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Their decentralized structure allows each user to have full control over their actions and assets and retain the copyright and ownership of digital collectibles. Today, we will consider the best NFT games that combine entertaining gameplay, the ability to create and sell NFTs, a social feature, and an open metaverse without centralized control.

Top NFT Games: Key Features of Metaverse Games

What are the top NFT games with metaverses? The metaverse is a concept of interconnected digital environments that uses innovative technologies (blockchain, VR/AR, artificial intelligence) in the modern sense. Within the metaverse, players can participate in various social and economic activities. This is the next step in developing social media, mainly due to the more realistic interface. 

Of course, metaverses are widely used in the latest NFT games. In such projects, users can travel through the digital world, create their own items, and interact with other characters. Many online worlds are actively developing, but the very concept of the metaverse implies that different worlds should merge into a single whole. The basic principles of blockchain metaverses: 

  • Blockchain allows players to own digital items in the form of NFTs and enjoy a full-fledged economy using DeFi-tools. 
  • As a rule, players can own digital land plots or objects by purchasing them using a platform’s native token. 
  • NFTs are unique cryptographic tokens that act as proof of ownership on the blockchain. 

NFT Games List: Top 10 Best Metaverses

Currently, popular metaverses are Play-to-Earn (P2E) games. These platforms use innovative economic models, thanks to which users can receive income (incentives or rewards) for performing in-game actions. Subsequently, you can exchange the earned cryptocurrency for another or fiat using cryptocurrency exchanges.

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Let’s get back to the point and consider the best NFT games 2021!

#1 Axie Infinity

  • Genre: fighting, fantasy, card game 
  • Native token: AXS, SLP 

Axie Infinity is a blockchain game with a metaverse where players fight using their pets (Axies). This concept reminds everyone of the well-known Pokémon. The game is positioned as an open digital world, allowing its players to earn rewards by completing daily tasks. An AXS governance token allows holders to vote on the platform’s development, while Smooth Love Potion (SLP) tokens serve as a reward and are used for breeding Axies. You can convert both those and other assets into another cryptocurrency or fiat.

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#2 Alien Worlds

  • Genre: space, strategy 
  • Native token: TLM 

Alien Worlds is one of the best NFT games that includes a metaverse of seven planets with its own economy based on Trilium tokens (TLM). Owning or trading any asset is carried out using NFT technology. Each player has the right to develop their own development strategy and mine or buy NFTs in accordance with it. You can complete game quests, compete with other users, or focus on mining TLM. The game has a fairly large number of DeFi functions. For example, you can invest TLM in one or several planets to become an Alien Worlds’ advisor’ and receive passive income.

#3 My Neighbor Alice

  • Genre: farm, strategy 
  • Native token: ALICE 

My Neighbor Alice is a digital world multiplayer game that allows players to own digital islands, collect in-game items, and communicate with other community members. The project is also full of DeFi elements: you can earn rewards by farming on your territory, completing tasks, etc. Rewards are paid in the form of ALICE, ERC-20 tokens. They can be sold on the marketplace or spent on in-game items — these are NFTs in the form of buildings, territories, plants, animals, decorations.

#4 The Sandbox 

  • Genre: construction, game creation 
  • Native token: SAND 

The Sandbox is a metaverse where users can create various objects and full-fledged games, own them and monetize their creativity. Unlike similar centralized games (Roblox, Minecraft), The Sandbox provides content creators with actual ownership using NFTs and also rewards their contributions to the ecosystem. The main advantage over other blockchain projects is that the games created here can become part of the metaverse. For this, there is a special editor for voxel 3D objects and a built-in NFT marketplace.

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#5 Decentraland

  • Genre: construction, communication, digital art creation 
  • Native token: MANA 

Decentraland is one of the most demanded digital worlds in our NFT games list, which emphasizes social and creative function. The main goal is to create a metaverse that resembles the physical world as much as possible. Users can attend events online, trade digital objects in Decentraland’s embedded marketplace, and communicate with other players around the metaverse. Some brands even created their exhibitions and stores based on this metaverse to increase user loyalty. MANA, a main asset of the platform, runs on the Ethereum blockchain and can be bought or sold on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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#6 CryptoBlades 

  • Genre: fighting game 
  • Native token: SKILL 

In CryptoBlades, players can receive SKILL tokens when they fight opponents and perform in-game raids. With these tokens, players can also improve their gameplay, recruit additional characters, and craft weapons, thereby increasing the overall power of the CryptoBlades metaverse game. The gameplay itself is quite simple: there are four main elements: Fire, Earth, Lightning, and Water. Every weapon, character, etc., refer to a specific element. Fire is weak against Water — the same is by analogy with other elements. Of course, other factors can also increase or decrease the likelihood of winning. 


  • Genre: building, game creation 
  • Native token: MBOX 

MOBOX is a community-driven metaverse project. MOMOverse includes a ton of blockchain games using DeFi and NFT technologies. Moreover, the ecosystem allows users to play and earn by rewarding users for their active participation. MOMOverse is equipped with a game constructor, NFT-marketplace, MBOX staking system, and NFT farms. The DAO system will be fully operational in the near future. Lots of other features and games are also expected to launch.

#8 Genopets

  • Genre: pets, fighting, Move-to-Earn 
  • Native token: GENE 

The game was under development at the time of writing, but many users are already interested in its unusual concept. This project builds on the possibilities of creating, improving, and trading NFT objects. Each NFT is a pet that grows and evolves. The more it evolves, the more expensive it can be in resale. The peculiarity of the game lies in the methods of obtaining assets for development — they are awarded daily for real physical movements, which are monitored by a program. The concept is called Move-to-Earn. 

#9 Mines of Dalarnia 

  • Genre: strategy, mining 
  • Native token: DAR 

Mines of Dalarnia is a relatively new metaverse project in our NFT games list, offering a simple and interesting way of earning income for gaming activities. Players are encouraged to get game items that can later be used to improve playing abilities and skills. The main part of the game is traveling through mines and mining minerals. Many levels contain rare artifacts that will help increase your game rating. In the process of completing quests, you can try to fight a monster — for this, there is an opportunity to team up with other players.

#10 CropBytes

  • Genre: farm 
  • Native token: CBX

CropBytes is one of the leading blockchain farming simulators. Players can build their own farm within the metaverse with cryptocurrencies. Raising animals, creating and selling products — all this, if done regularly, will allow you to earn game tokens, which are then available for free sale. СropBytes has been offering a sustainable gaming economy since 2018, and in 2021 launched its own CBX token, which will replace Tron (TRX) when paying rewards. 

Upcoming NFT Games: Conclusion

Metaverse is a new but very ambitious digital direction that draws heavily on the previous success of NFT tokens this year. In the beginning, the NFT sector was limited to a small number of digital art, but new use cases have emerged with the development of metaverse blockchain games. 

If you are interested in the list of upcoming NFT games, make sure to check our complete review on the best ones!

What other top NFT games? Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments below!

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