Bitcoin Circuit: A Profitable Investment or Scam?

Due to the current hype around cryptocurrencies, today, there is a huge variety of different crypto platforms. Cryptocurrencies have already brought huge profits to many users, in particular, due to their numerous advantages over traditional financial products. 

Bitcoin Circuit is an automated cryptocurrency trading software that claims to be able to earn up to $1,500 per day. In this article, we’ll help you find out how Bitcoin Circuit works and what it actually is. Let’s get started!

What is Bitcoin Circuit?

Bitcoin Circuit is a fairly new platform that is about to make online trading easy and understandable for all users. However, the project isn’t limited to this. Rather, developers of Bitcoin Circuit promise users to become part of the ‘new era of money’. The project aims to provide users with automated and manual modes that allow Bitcoin trading.

On the provider’s website, Bitcoin, as well as cryptocurrencies as a whole, are considered as a kind of revolution. According to the developers, the entire crypto industry is currently only in its infancy and expects growth to continue. Bitcoin is a very good alternative to classic exchanges due to its comparatively high volatility.

It’s quite clear that the upper half of the website mentions Bitcoin as a profitable investment opportunity. Although the developers refer to the registration on their platform at the top, they don’t initially provide any further information. Accordingly, it isn’t immediately clear how exactly the Bitcoin Circuit actually works.

How Does Bitcoin Circuit Work?

Basically, the registration at Bitcoin Circuit seems to be quick, and easy. It only takes three steps to start trading. After you’ve created an account on the platform, you can start using the Bitcoin Circuit software. According to its own information, it should be able to take over a user’s work.

Registration at Bitcoin Circuit is free of charge and you also get direct access to the award-winning software. The developers don’t clarify which prices are actually involved. To get started, Bitcoin Circuit recommends a comparatively moderate minimum sum of $250, but it isn’t clear according to what criteria it was determined.

After you’ve deposited money on the platform, you can choose between an auto trade and a manual trading function. The majority of inexperienced investors are advised to use the autotrade function, while experienced investors can make use of the manual trading option.

Is It a Legitimate Platform?

The question of whether it is a legitimate platform or not must be considered. On the one hand, Bitcoin Circuit advertises less aggressively than, for example, Bitcoin Profit. Bitcoin Circuit also has no dubious reviews that are obviously fake. You only rely on information in text form. Overall, the creators try their best to present their project as seriously as possible.

However, if you take a closer look, you will notice obvious problems with translation from English into German. You can certainly get over one or another mistake, but this fact doesn’t work in favor of the platform that advertises financial products.

Furthermore, ambiguity in the concept and functionality of the software should be mentioned as well. Although the developers provide the FAQ that is supposed to answer a few essential questions, they don’t make it clear how exactly the software works. However, the FAQ never goes into detail. Rather, you limit yourself to the list of advantages. Accordingly, the website looks more like a kind of publicity stunt than an information page about the product. 

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