CoronaCoin: The Most Tasteless Cryptocurrency in the World

The most tasteless cryptocurrency in the world has recently entered the crypto market. CoronaCoin is a cryptocurrency that bets on coronavirus deaths.

CoronaCoin is the first-ever digital currency to be backed by the proof of death (PoD). The cryptocurrency is issued on the Ethereum blockchain, and its total supply is based on the world population – over 7.5 billion people.

That is, the amount of CoronaCoin tokens decreases every two days, depending on the number of people who have been infected with the coronavirus. The amount of tokens will be equal to the number of new virus victims.

CoronaCoin price today (March 11, 2020) is $0.001118.

Public Reaction

Reddit users criticized the team of developers as well as their idea. Some people found the release of CoronaCoin immoral and tasteless.

However, the team of developers found no reason for backlash. They promise to donate 20% of their income to the Red Cross. Whether the Red Cross will receive donations in CoronaCoin or not is another question entirely.

The token is traded only on two exchange platforms: Saturn Network and ForkDelta. Judging from the data available at the platforms, the number of people who want to invest in such a tasteless cryptocurrency is minimal.

CoronaCoin has a scanty demand on Saturn Network exchange platform

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