Crypto Influencers: All You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency Analysts

Spectacular news, regular forecasts, and strong statements are rare things to find in blogs of crypto-influencers mentioned in the first part

The most secret inside information as well as the most surprising forecasts bring nothing if the price of an asset doesn’t stick to them. It’s therefore always worthwhile to include a price analyst in your ‘influencer portfolio’. Today we’re about to introduce a few well-known names from this area. Let’s get started!

John McAfee

First of all, it’s necessary to underline the British-American entrepreneur John McAfee as well as his passion for cryptocurrencies. He shared a lot of information from the crypto world with his followers. The programmer, who got rich with security software, loves strong statements, and show this in his tweets. That is, he predicted Bitcoin at $1 million by the end of 2020.

However, he also used his influence to keep reporting on new cryptocurrencies that would soon explode. Many people accused him of enriching himself with sudden price increases. In retrospect, many of these projects turned out to be a flop and couldn’t meet his expectations. Nevertheless, McAfee is still connected to the crypto scene and continues to share many interesting posts on Twitter.

Roger Ver

The American Roger Ver invested in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the early stages. His good instincts earned him the ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ nickname and he quickly made a fortune. Ver, who has been jailed for illegal financial activities in the past, has also had great success in social media. He positioned himself as an expert, whose opinion was considered crucial for many people. Still, his thoughts are quite controversial.

So he started a real war between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash fans. He openly supported the Bitcoin fork and thus pushed his price up. He didn’t mess with anyone who didn’t share his opinion. He was also CEO of until August 2019. To this day, he is fighting for the acceptance of Bitcoin Cash as a crypto-influencer.

Nicola Duke

Analyst Nicola Duke has been involved in a technical analysis of investment properties for several years. In addition to classic assets, she always deals with an analysis of the Bitcoin price. That is, she describes how the current situation looks like and what the current price, i.e rate is. In addition, she always makes detailed forecasts, which she always backs up with convincing explanations. Meanwhile, she has almost 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Alex Kruger

Columbia Business School graduate Alex Krüger is known as the founder of Aike Capital. The investor is best known for his technical analysis of the Bitcoin price and other investment objects. In short and concise analyzes, he explains what effects the development of a rate could have. In addition to Twitter, he always shares his thoughts on Medium. About 50,000 people follow him on Twitter.

What other famous crypto analysts do you know? Jest share your knowledge in the comments!

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