Free Bitcoins: Where Can You Get Bitcoins for Free?

Bitcoin is a crypto coin or so-called cryptocurrency. This is a special form of digital money. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are digital and exist exclusively on the Internet. However, BTC and other cryptocurrencies can be used for online payments.

Unfortunately, Bitcoin is very expensive — at least when buying it on exchange. But! There is also an alternative to buying a cryptocurrency. You can also earn bitcoins for free. Quite legally and without any pitfalls. In this article, we will show you how to do this. Let’s get started!

How Can You Earn Bitcoins for Free?

As mentioned briefly at the very beginning, there are ways to earn bitcoins completely free of charge. By mining. Well, you don’t earn bitcoins this way, but satoshi, a sub-form of the coin, comparable to a cent of a euro. In this section, you will find out exactly how this works and what has to be considered.

What Does Mining Mean?

We spoke of mining in connection with free bitcoins. But what exactly is behind the term? Well, in fact, mining has a lot in common with working in mines. They’re mining bitcoins. To mine bitcoins, you allocate part of your PC’s resources. While the PC is running, you will receive a small number of bitcoins for free. Alternatively, you can use a mining machine.

There are also some websites on the Internet that offer you an opportunity to earn bitcoins for free. For example, by opening a website for a certain period of time or clicking on affiliate links, etc.

Why Are Bitcoins Being Given Away?

Bitcoin is a very popular and very expensive asset. So why would someone give away the coin for free? Well, it’s not about a charity at all. Websites that offer free bitcoins aren’t charities. Instead, they have their own goals. 

Quite often, this is a traffic generation or just a campaign to promote their own website. For many companies, traffic generates profit and a high profile of the website. For example, because you tell friends about it, who in turn tell their friends about it. This can lead to more users and a better reputation. So, first of all, it’s not about free bitcoins but a part of marketing or a business goal.

Are There Any Other Ways to Earn BTC for Free?

One way to earn bitcoins for free is so-called mining, which we have already briefly mentioned. However, the process of mining is very complex. In addition, it isn’t a 100% free method as there are high costs for electricity and mining resources. Today, we’ll show you how to get bitcoins for free by visiting a website.

This procedure is quite simple and clear. It doesn’t require any special experience and doesn’t incur any costs. Moreover, no additional technology is required. All you need is your PC, a wallet, and an email address. Armed with this information, you can then visit a Bitcoin faucet like Moon BitCoin. A faucet is such a free website where you have an opportunity to get free coins. How does it work? 

Basically, you visit a page, and the longer you stay there, the more bitcoins you get. You get the first satoshi after two minutes, then after five, after ten, and so on. So just stay on the website for 24 hours (leave it open in the background).

You can then have the credit paid out with one click. It’s then transferred directly to your wallet. From now on, you can then use your bitcoins. This process is of course very complex as well and it takes an extremely long time to get a complete Bitcoin. However, the procedure is completely free and legal.

Have you ever tried to get free bitcoins? Just share your experience in the comments!

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