Guild of Guardians NFT Game: The Ultimate Guide on How to Play GoG 2022

Guild of Guardians is a multiplayer RPG game built on the Immutable X platform. Like any other online blockchain gaming project, its primary goal is to become the most popular RPG in the world, where players can join the Guardians and start earning rewards as they progress. 

GoG is a combination of simple and fun mobile gameplay with play-to-earn mechanics. The creators aim to develop their own in-game economy, which players’ activity will support. So, what is the Guild of Guardians NFT game all about? Today, we’ll try to find out!

Guild of Guardians NFT Game: Key Things to Know

The release of the game Guild of Guardians is planned for 2022 for iOS and Android devices. And the company began its journey back in 2020. During this period, the number of subscribers in social networks exceeded 200K. In addition, the first NFT sale was held, which allowed the company to attract more than $4.6 million as investments for the further development of the ecosystem and the project as a whole.

The Guild of Guardians NFT game developer is the Ukrainian company Stepico Games. In total, more than 20 people are working on the game, who already have experience in launching startups and developing games for mobile devices. The total number of downloads of other games created by the team exceeds 5 million.

When creating Guild of Guardians, the developers used a familiar style to many gamers. Still, here is one key change — they added GameFi elements, making GoG a full-fledged blockchain project. Still, all these changes only improve the user’s gaming experience.

You can see that the gameplay and stylization of the game are very similar to the classic fantasy games that have become real classics: Diablo or Dungeons and Dragons.

GoG Gameplay

Guild of Guardians Characters

A player independently chooses a class to join: orcs, elves, humans, strange magical creatures, etc. According to the traditional RPG system, the assembled team will go to the dungeons to fight their opponents there. The risk that players take when going down into the dungeons will be fully paid off by the resources and skins given out as a reward. 

By getting new equipment and recruiting powerful heroes, a player gets the opportunity to join more and more dangerous and difficult adventures that will bring even more rewards.

GoG Guardians

All Guild of Guardians NFT gaming heroes have unique sets that can be used to increase their strength and eliminate shortcomings. For example, heroes can join three factions that mate with monsters’ weaknesses and strengths. Heroes face these changes during combat. The character class will directly affect the kind of equipment to use. A secondary factor is elements and rarities are that affect a hero’s power and the overall performance. 

Additional factors include abilities and leveling up, which will improve the synergy between characters in a team. To reach the maximum power level, you should use the best pets and monitor your equipment.

GoG Pets’ Characteristics

One way to earn rewards is to craft NFT items from in-game content. Each player can mine resources upon successfully completing the dungeon, while some of the received raw materials will be unique. It is also possible to create new heroes by merging several others with lower ranks. The game daily encourages active players to complete quests and participate in other in-game activities.

Guild of Guardians NFT Gaming Mechanics

Players build teams of heroes so that the whole squad goes into battle in the dungeon. When assembling a squad, the strategy is no less important than the user’s skill. That’s why your team needs to have enough synergy to combine their skills and defeat a stronger opponent eventually. A micro-skill will allow a player to dodge abilities and attacks.

The outcome of a battle is influenced by factions, classes, and elements. For example, teams of Hordes could have their raw attack boost buffed, and teams of all Fire Elements could have a higher chance of inflicting damage over time.

The List of GoG Factions, Classes & Elements

A combo attack system allows experienced players to dodge attacks and choose the right moment to attack in response to inflict the most damage while saving their hero from damage.

As in a standard RPG in Guild of Guardians NFT gaming, heroes are divided into several roles: tank, healer, DPS, and support. Thoughtful management during the battle allows the team to make the most of their heroes. 

The Main Features of Guild of Guardians:

  • completing quests and tasks and receiving the corresponding rewards;
  • each in-game dungeon is unique and is full of monsters, bosses, traps;
  • players earn rewards such as resources, currency, and equipment;
  • users may spend these rewards on recruiting and upgrading heroes and crafting equipment.

Additional types of Guild of Guardians NFT gameplay modes will also be available. These are guild raids, PVP, land gameplay, social hang-out and trading zones, global eSports tournaments, user-generated dungeons.

$GOG Coin Tokenomics

A total of 125 million $GOG circulates in the system, whose total estimated cost is $9.4 million. At the same time, the initial market cap with a total issue could reach $75 million.

$GOG Token Distribution

How $GOG Will Be Used in the Game

Users will often come across such a thing as Gems ($GOG). In fact, this is a native token of the Guild of Guardians NFT gaming. Thus, gems are equally distributed among players, developers, and content creators. $GOG is also used for in-game purchases, 20% of which the company charges as a commission. The main way to get $GOG is by staking. You can also earn it by selling existing NFTs.

All-Time $GOG Price Chart

GoG gameplay is built around training a team of heroes, which will mine useful resources and take part in various competitions. Players can exchange the collected resources for Gems, which can be used in three ways.

  1. Withdraw them to a wallet in the form of a cryptocurrency.
  2. Make purchases in an in-game store to get other resources or items.
  3. Take part in community votes to resolve specific issues.

Regardless of the method of exchange and the subject of bidding, a commission of 20% is collected from all transactions exclusively in Gems.

How to Buy Guild of Guardians NFT Items?

How to buy Guild of Guardians NFT items? Well, the main NFTs are heroes. They are already on sale through a pre-sale system when you receive a product, but you cannot use it yet. You can purchase them during the release period on the official website. 

So, how to buy Guild of Guardians NFT items? What should players do? To not miss the opportunity to acquire a unique hero, you must be subscribed to the project’s official social networks. At the same time, NFT sales take place on the Immutable X site.

GoG NFT Heroes for Sale on Immutable X

As you can see, you can select ETH as a listing currency to buy some in-game NFTs. Thus, If you’re interested in buying ETH, you should definitely think about doing this at Switchere!

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The developers monitor their project, which should be officially released in 2022. They are already working on creating heroes while not forgetting about the PR side of the campaign. So on December 15, a sale of a new NFT hero took place. The team of professional gamers NRG Esports acted as a partner.

The main question is whether the project will be able to overtake its direct competitors. In 2021, several major releases were announced, and the GameFi market began to gain momentum. If initially, blockchain games were simple clickers, then in 2021, the market is full of promising full-fledged RPGs like Guild of Guardians!

How to buy Guild of Guardians NFT items? What other interesting facts about GoG do you know? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments below!

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