How to Buy Chainlink Crypto: A Complete Guide

LINK is an ERC20 token. Accordingly, this cryptocurrency is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Chainlink basically focuses on verification of oracles and thus fulfills one of the most important functions in the blockchain sector — connection of blockchains and external software solutions.

However, there are more factors that contribute to popularity of the LINK token. In the following article, we will help you to find out how to buy chain link cryptocurrency.

So, how to buy LINK crypto? Here’re 5 easy steps:

  • choose a suitable trading platform; 
  • register an account;
  • verify an account; 
  • make a deposit;
  • buy & sell LINK.

Investors who want to benefit from Chainlink can simply add shares of the token to their own portfolio. Basically, investors can invest in Chainlink via a financial product or physically.

How to Buy Chain Link Cryptocurrency: What Is a Cryptocurrency CFD?

How to buy Chainlink crypto with the help of CFDs? Let’s try to find out! LINK CFD is a security that reflects the Chainlink price.

Accordingly, as an investor, you don’t buy physical LINK tokens but only participate in performance of the cryptocurrencies you have purchased. Compared to a physical purchase, you benefit from the option of leverage in CFD trading. This means that you can add a multiplier to your investment. With such a multiplier you can optimize your return. However, it’s necessary to note that exchange rate losses also increase by the corresponding factor.

You also benefit from higher liquidity, because a CFD trading volume is significantly higher than that of a physical coin or token. Finally, you also have an opportunity to speculate on certain price trends. So, how to buy Chain link cryptocurrency?

By achieving a so-called short position, you can speculate on falling Chainlink prices and gain profit on this. With a long position, on the other hand, you rely on increasing Chainlink prices and benefit from any gains. Please note, that a majority of CFD brokers have daily limits. Accordingly, the payout of your investment can take several days.

How to Buy Link Crypto: Buy LINK on a Crypto Exchange

How to buy link crypto? A crypto exchange is another way to buy LINK. You can invest directly in physical coins at these specialized trading platforms. 

By the way, you can buy LINK crypto directly on Switchere platform. At Switchere, you can buy and sell LINK in the fastest and most convenient ways. Just use your credit or debit card from VISA/Mastercard/Maestro to get your first LINK coins.

You will get your ordered amount of LINK coins within minutes after making a payment. Feel free to buy, sell, and swap LINK on Switchere speedily and diversify your crypto portfolio the way you want.

How to buy Chainlink crypto? What other ways do you know? Just share your knowledge in the comments!

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