How to Crypto Class: Everything You Need to Know

Anyone who uses the Internet quite often needs strong passwords. And somehow has to remember them. A simple method of cryptography can be helpful here. You need a little more math to decipher it. So, how to Crypto class?

Crypto class provides methods for creating digests, message authentication codes, and signatures, as well as encrypting and decrypting information. The methods in the Crypto class can be used for securing content in Lightning Platform, or for integrating with external services such as Google or Amazon WebServices (AWS).

It’s necessary to note that encryption isn’t a game or a topic for highly specialized security experts. Supposedly, everyone has their own way of memorizing passwords (or hiding corresponding pieces of paper somewhere). Or the same password is always used and is rarely changed. A simple encryption process can be helpful here.

Crypto Class: The Caesar Encryption

How to crypto class? Let’s consider the Caesar encryption. During many wars, Julius Caesar sent messages to his soldiers in secret letters. His coding idea is very simple — the 26 letters of the alphabet are shifted by a fixed number of places. 

If you move around 3 characters, A becomes D, B becomes E, etc. Let’s consider a specific example — ‘Math is good!’ becomes ‘PDWK IV JRRG!’. Alternatively, Caesar is said to have encrypted messages by using the Roman Letters replaced by the Greek letters.

Pin or Password Encryption

Replacing letters in a word with other letters or special characters is a method of generating passwords and encrypting them. The encrypted character strings should be noted — whoever finds the piece of paper still cannot get the real login data or PIN code. So you remember ONE word and the assignment. You can also replace the inner alphabet on the Caesar disc with numbers, capital and lowercase letters, or special characters. Here is a simple example without Caesar disk:

  • LAMP — that’s the word I have to remember;
  • 1 2 3 4! — this is my assignment;
  • 3 4! 2 1 — this should be my password;
  • MPEAL — I can write this down.

Crypto class allows you to encrypt or decrypt information or integrate with external services that require these functions.

Crypto Class: How to Encrypt & Decrypt Texts?

Cryptography is also a topic for learning. Encryption and decryption involve the application of data analyzes and frequency determinations. In addition to interest and creativity, it’s about mathematical thinking as well as basic skills:

  • Solving tasks mathematically; 
  • Using mathematical representations; 
  • Communicating mathematically. 

In addition, thorough work as well as perseverance and concentration are required. How to crypto class? You will be able to:

  • Write a short message with Caesar cipher (shift the alphabet by 3 characters);
  • Decipher a short text with Caesar cipher;
  • Examine different texts for the frequency of letters. 

The letter ‘e’ occurs particularly often in the English language. If you find a letter in the cipher that also occurs often, it could correspond to the letter ‘e’. 

How to crypto class? What other ways of encryption do you know? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments!

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