How to Earn NFTs and Make Money by Playing Best NFT Games?

Collectible items in blockchain games are not yet as well-known as NFT collectibles, but the crypto community is sure that it’s the next big thing! Every day more and more top NFT games that attract new gamers go live.

The number of ways to generate income while playing the best NFT games is also growing steadily. So, how to make money by playing NFT games? Let’s try to find out!

How Can You Make Money by Investing in Top NFT Games?

Blockchain technology has fitted into the mechanics of multiplayer games and has expanded the user experience in terms of gameplay and opportunities for generating real income while playing. 

Here are four main strategies for making money on the best NFT games 2021:

  • Mining (farming) of tokens
  • In-game NFT asset speculation
  • Receiving passive income from renting out gaming assets
  • Staking

Today, we will dwell on the first three strategies in more detail. Let’s get started!

Mine or Farm of Tokens in NFT games

Most top NFT games belong to the Play-to-Earn category. That is, these are games in which players can earn real money.

Usually, making money in NFT games is as follows. The economy of most Play-to-Earn games operates with their native in-game currency, which is the same cryptocurrency as, for example, ETH or BTC.

The in-game currency is traded on the exchange in the same way as other cryptocurrencies. Thus, the game coin can be swapped for any other cryptocurrencies (for example, Ethereum and Bitcoin) and withdrawn into fiat currency (dollars or euros).

Players can earn in-game currency for completing daily quests or defeating opponents in battles and competitions.

Users can spend their in-game savings to buy new game items and then use them while playing — for example, buying more powerful cards in Splinterlands or Gods Unchained. In the long term, such purchases can help users increase their in-game earnings. 

Splinterlands Cards

Also, you can decide to withdraw profit. As was mentioned before, the in-game token can be converted into another cryptocurrency or withdrawn into one of the traditional world currencies.

Speculate on In-Game NFT Assets

The metaverses of most blockchain games are full of different objects that play an important role in the gameplay. Depending on the game, these can be in-game items such as various types of weapons, skins for characters, etc.

Also, among the important in-game objects can be characters, in-game real estate, minerals, and much more.

All of these objects in blockchain games are NFT objects. Thus, in-game NFT items are not just an ordinary code belonging to the developers but a full-fledged and unique property of players.

Waves Ducks NFT Characters

Since in-game NFT items are unique and limited in quantity, they are of real value to players, giving investors a chance to make good money. Some NFTs can cost tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

At the same time, it is easier to predict the price of in-game NFT assets than for collectible NFT items since any investor can determine the real value of items with the proper level of interest.

Thus, in-game NFT assets are a great way to make money on the NFT games list.

Receive Passive Income from Renting Out Gaming Assets

You can not only sell your NFT in-game items but also rent out them, receiving passive income. Many investors rent out digital land plots.

Land in The Sandbox Metaverse 

Alien Worlds is one of the games where you can rent out your land plots. Land in the game contains minerals that motivate players to rent or buy it to start mining these valuable in-game resources. 

In some games, land plots are rented by other players and by entire corporations. In metaverse games such as Sandbox and Decentraland, users can build various structures. Many companies use this for advertising purposes. For example, renowned console and video game maker Atari has set up its arcade game on a land plot in Decentraland. 

In addition to in-game land, you can also rent out game accounts. For example, in the Play-to-Earn game Axie Infinity, investors can earn money by renting out their NFT characters to other players. Players earn in-game currency daily by participating in battles and then give the account owner a share of the profits.

Key Benefits of Investing in Best NFT Games 2021

Summing up the results of our analysis of opportunities to make money on NFT in blockchain games, let’s highlight the main advantages of investing in this area.

  • High profitability with the right approach to the analysis of investment assets. The NFT games market is still in the formation and active growth phase. That’s why this is the right moment to take your place in the market before big players and institutional investors fully occupy it.
  • Variety of investment strategies. You can invest in NFT items, rent out accounts and in-game real estate to other players for a share of the profits. Moreover, you can even start farming game currency yourself.
  • The growing variety of blockchain games. Every day, more and more promising projects appear on the NFT games list and provide opportunities for earnings.
  • High liquidity of gaming assets. Best NFT games have a wide audience of dedicated players. Therefore, the in-game assets of these games will be in demand on the market for a long time.
  • Low entry threshold in terms of financial investments. You don’t have to invest tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in NFT games. Thus, investing in the best NFT games 2021 is quite affordable for ordinary investors.


In our opinion, if you want to make money on NFT, then now is the time to take a closer look at the NFT games. Unlike the NFT collectible market, the blockchain gaming market is more predictable. In addition, the gaming market is developing rapidly, which opens up new prospects for making money!

The main thing is to start playing right now, not think too long before the bus is gone, and wait for the upcoming NFT games!

What are your favorite NFT games? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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