How to Invest in Bitcoin: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Nowadays a lot of people wonder how to invest in Bitcoin, the safest digital currency. Investors see it as a fundamentally new and promising type of asset. At the same time, volatility of BTC exchange rate carries great risks. However, by spending some time and effort to learn more about the topic, you can recoup your investments. How to invest in Bitcoin? Let’s try to find out!

How to Invest in Bitcoin Stock: Key Strategies to Know

When talking about how to invest in Bitcoin stock, crypto enthusiasts usually mean one of the following strategies. Let’s consider them in detail!


A buy & hold Bitcoin investment strategy. An investor buys coins and holds them in his account for a long period of time, waiting for the gradual increase in the BTC value. The method is based on the opinion that any financial instrument in the long term can bring a good profit. In addition, it’s an ideal strategy for those who don’t have enough experience in speculative trading. It’s easier for them to buy and hold. The investment strategy is passive. In addition, its main feature is big investments. There is no point in investing $100 since the resulting profit isn’t worth such a long wait.

Trading (Exchange Rate Speculation)

Bitcoin speculation is a situation when investors feel that the current rate is incorrectly estimated, therefore, they buy or sell BTC counting on making a profit. So, how to invest in Bitcoin stock? For example, if investors think that BTC is overvalued, then they sell their stocks and thereby have a negative impact on the price. Trading is closely related to trying to predict the near-term price movements by studying the industry in general and price charts in particular. Successful Bitcoin trading requires a lot of time, money, and effort to bring good results.

How Much to Invest in Bitcoin: Best BTC Crypto Exchanges

How much to invest in Bitcoin? What crypto exchange to choose? Once you have a wallet, you can start investing in Bitcoin. Buying BTC on a crypto exchange is perhaps the fastest, most convenient, and cheapest way. That’s why beginners and experienced users often turn to it. Let’s consider examples of worthwhile crypto exchanges.

EXMO. Here you can replenish an account in fiat money and thereby reduce the number of actions by immediately purchasing currency for dollars/euros.

LocalBitcoins. This is a P2P platform, where one user places an ad for the purchase/sale of cryptocurrency, the other responds to it. Thus, the exchange guarantees the integrity of transactions between users.

Binance. Supports fiat money and bank cards only. Therefore, before working with it, you will first need to purchase cryptocurrency somewhere else, for example, on cryptocurrency exchanges. How much to invest in Bitcoin is up to you.

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How to Invest Money in Bitcoin: 5 Common Investing Mistakes

Once you’ve found out how to invest money in Bitcoin, let’s consider the most common investing mistakes of newbies.

  1. Lack of discretion. Even if you are not an expert or analyst, this doesn’t mean that you should act blindly. Make sure to study the information background, talk to experts and make smart investments.
  2. Ignoring technical analysis. Just learn the basic principles and trends of the market. In this case, the investment process will be easier and safer. This is a basic minimum package of knowledge every newbie should have before dealing with crypto trading.
  3. Excessive trust or greed. One can find a lot of fake promises of large earnings on Bitcoin in a short time. Never invest in such companies or platforms and better be alert.
  4. Not using a stop-limit order. This order is an excellent way to reduce risks when trading, you shouldn’t neglect it. Otherwise, you may lose your entire deposit on the very first day.
  5. Start trading with large sums. Make small transactions to start. Make sure you’re doing everything correctly and that BTC is being transferred to the correct address.

How to invest money in Bitcoin? What other ways do you know? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments!

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