How to Make Money in Walken (WLKN): Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2022

Walken is a blockchain app in the Solana network that allows you to earn money by walking and running, similar to STEPN. It has similar mechanics, but instead of sneakers, there are funny NFT characters called CAThletes. 

The platform’s main feature is direct integration with DeFi (decentralized finance), which encourages cryptocurrency holders to increase their income from tokens received for a healthy lifestyle. 

How to play Walken (WLKN) walk-to-earn game? Here is everything you need to know!

Walken (WLKN) Guide: Key Things to Know

The developers state that their main goal is to attract as many people as possible to the decentralized finance industry. The app’s direction is evaluated as ‘play & exercise to earn’ or ‘walk-to-earn.’

For gaming achievements, users are rewarded with $WLKN tokens. Game characters are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be bought and sold on any NFT marketplace.

The app will feature a user-friendly interface for interacting with DeFi protocols. Ultimately, it is planned to create a highly functional ecosystem of apps to attract hundreds of thousands of new users to the crypto sphere, using both apps from Walken developers and third-party products.

How to Play Walken (WLKN) NFT Game?

Walken App

Features of mobile blockchain game Walken:

  • The user interface is inspired by the ideas of Pokemon Go and Tamagotchi and is as simple to understand as possible for a person of any age. At the same time, when necessary, the user can use more advanced functions.
  • Walken uses the GPS feature on a smartphone or other wearable device to track users’ step counts. Special software mechanisms are used to eliminate fraud attempts.
  • The app converts the user’s steps into precious stones (Gems); this is an internal currency of the app. Stones can be used to improve the speed, strength, and endurance parameters of characters called CAThletes so that they can participate in battles, win, and earn $WLKN tokens.
  • A social sharing function will be introduced, allowing you to share achievements on social networks and compete with your friends or random anonymous users.


The algorithm responsible for the battles in Walken will randomly select opponents, taking into account their level.

The number of tokens a player can receive as a result of victory depends on the level of CAThlete. When the app is launched for the first time, the user sees a free catalog with characters to choose from. Each of them has a limited number of lives per day. Each battle costs one life. To increase the number of possible battles, you need to buy a CAThlete on the built-in NFT marketplace or crossbreed two existing characters to get the third one.

WLKN Token: Key Features to Know

$WLKN is a governance and staking token used to improve user earning efficiency, NFT buying/selling, and in-app DeFi items. $WLKN owners will be able to take part in voting on the future project’s development. You can earn tokens by participating in battles.

Thus, the main purposes of the $WLKN token are:

  • Trading (buying/selling) NFTs (CAThletes and food for them) on the marketplace.
  • Improving NFTs and their performance.
  • Decentralized project management.
  • In-app staking to increase rewards.

$WLKN tokens are burned when players participate in some of these processes, thus creating a deflationary effect.


It is not surprising that other projects in this direction are beginning to appear against the backdrop of the huge success of STEPN. The Walken team updated the concept with an intermediate step. $WLKN tokens are not paid instantly for steps — first, a player receives gems, invests them in character improvement, and then fights with the help of these characters and receives a reward for winning.

Thus, the GameFi element is much more pronounced in Walken, and the theme of battles is reminiscent of another blockchain game, Axie Infinity. The app can become popular, provided that the developers continue to actively engage in project development in accordance with their roadmap.

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