How to Play CryptoBlades NFT Game: Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2023

CryptoBlades is an NFT crafting game built on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. Here, players will need to craft powerful weapons to fight opponents. Each battle won brings a reward — SKILL tokens.

SKILL is a token used in the system to create characters, various weapons and increase their level. 

CryptoBlades Game

The project was launched back in 2014 when NFTs were not so popular. The reason for choosing BSC is that they supported the functionality of smart contracts and were compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine (EVM). In addition, the Binance Smart Chain is the chain in which various powerful decentralized applications are constantly launched.

One of the game’s features is that there is no need to download and install it — you can enter the digital world through any browser since this is a classic clicker game. One of the main reasons for its creation was an attempt to integrate blockchain into everyday life. 

How to Play CryptoBlades?

CryptoBlades implements the simplest game mechanism that gained particular popularity in 2014 — a clicker game. For progress, it is enough to press the button of a repetitive nature. 

At first, these games were popular in web versions, but later they began to enter the mobile market. Today, clickers are no longer so popular, but there is still a number of loyal fans.

To play CryptoBlades, you just need to have an Internet connection and open the project’s official website in your browser. Since the game runs on the BSC blockchain, the user will need to deposit a minimum amount of BNB to pay the transaction fees.

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The whole game revolves around the SKILL token, which you can earn by defeating opponents and participating in raids. After that, you can use the received coins at your discretion: hire additional characters, craft weapons, increase stats, etc. There is also an open market where you can sell existing NFTs. There is a function of betting on specific events within the game.

To buy the first character, you will need to pay for gas in the amount of 0.001 BNB. And to participate in each new battle, you will also need to cover gas costs in the amount of 0.0025 BNB. To do this, you just register an online wallet and buy BNB or SKILL coins. You can also purchase starter packs:

  • Value — 4 characters, 3 swords;
  • Standart — 4 characters, 4 swords;
  • Maximum — 4 characters, 5 swords.

A player can only have 4 characters on the battlefield. Each of the heroes has 200 stamina, which allows you to create several teams that should be alternated. Stamina regenerates 1 point every 5 minutes.

The battle takes place so that each player chooses a character, after which the system randomly generates an opponent to defeat. To participate in the battle, you will need to pay a gas commission (0.0025 BNB). After that, a battle is carried out, and its result is saved in the blockchain.

For a win, you can get SKILL and character experience — the stronger the defeated opponent, the greater the reward will be.

You can withdraw all received SKILLs right after the battle, but then you will be charged a commission of 15%. This indicator can be reduced to 0% if you request a withdrawal of funds 15 days after the battle since the interest rate decreases by 1% per day.

What Are In-Game NFTs & Their Characteristics?

As was mentioned before, you can have up to 4 characters in one team, each of which can be given a special weapon that improves its characteristics. The game has 4 elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Lightning. 

CryptoBlades Characters

All NFTs belong to one of the elements. They add variety to the game due to the even distribution of forces:

  • Earth is strong against Lightning but weak against Fire;
  • Fire is strong against Earth but weak against Water;
  • Water is strong against Fire but weak against Lightning;
  • Lightning is strong against Water but weak against Earth.

The game also allows you to get weapons from a blacksmith. In this case, a generator of random values ​​is used. Here are the market price and chances of getting a weapon:

  • 1+ star weapon — free, 100%;
  • 2+ star weapon  — 0.66 SKILL, 56%;
  • 3+ star weapon  — 1.77 SKILL, 21%;
  • 4+ star weapon  — 6.18 SKILL, 6%;
  • 5+ star weapon  — 37.09 SKILL, 1%.

Recently, a new token has been introduced into the system — DUST. It is a versatile tool that allows you to upgrade your current weapons and skins. It works similarly to collectible games, such as Hearthstone, where you can obtain dust for breaking down cards. DUST has three levels:

  • Lesser — for breaking down 1-3 star weapons;
  • Greater — for breaking down 4-star weapons;
  • Powerful — for breaking down 5-star weapons.

You can keep track of all the dust you have obtained in the blacksmith interface. Here you can also select the weapon to upgrade with DUST.

SKILL Tokenomics

The maximum SKILL offer is limited to 1 million coins, of which 88% are in circulation. The market cap is $33.6 million.

1 Month SKILL Token Price Chart

SKILL Token Allocation:

  • 35% — IDO;
  • 20% — gaming incentives;
  • 20% — development;
  • 15% — initial liquidity;
  • 10% — liquidity incentives.

Also, each action entails an investment in a development fund. The investor fund invests 25% every quarter.

How Much Can You Earn?

The question of making money in such an NFT game is quite acute. Therefore, some players conduct tests to understand how much money they can earn by devoting their free time to CryptoBlades. As a result, the following table was formed, where all calculations are provided after charging the gas commission:

CryptoBlades Profit Table

The only problem with calculations is that they change daily. Therefore, the data may not be entirely correct. For up-to-date information, you should visit thematic forums, where users share their screenshots with profits.


Many users state that the time of the project has passed. It was really profitable at the start and during the CryptoBlades hype in July 2021. If you decide to join the project, just familiarize yourself with the white paper, which explains all the game’s nuances.

Have you ever played CryptoBlades? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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