How to Play Illuvium: Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2023

Illuvium is an open-world RPG video game built on the Ethereum blockchain. A player is invited to travel across vast territories, collect and mine in-game resources, and fight illuvials. Illuvium NFT is an open and transparent community-driven game.

The project creators have tried to please both gamers and fans of DeFi, offering vast opportunities for trading. Here is a complete Illuvium guide to know the game better! Let’s get started!

Briefly About Illuvium & Developers

The project creators, brothers Kieran, Kain, and Aaron Warwick, have assembled a development team of 75 people. They attracted talented specialists from all over the world to the project. Initially, the game’s launch was planned for the end of 2021 but did not take place due to a lack of resources. Additionally, 20% of employees were hired full-time.

Kain Warwick is known as the creator of the Sуnthetix game. Kieran Warwick is a successful entrepreneur with a long interest in cryptocurrencies. Partner of major Australian crypto exchanges collaborated with The Burder Collective, DoorDash. Through their experience and interest in DeFi, they contacted their brother Aaron, a talented game designer, to develop an AAA game on the Ethereum blockchain.

Thus, this is how Illuvium was born. The Warwick brothers raised $5 million in investment to develop a blockchain game.

How to Start Playing Illuvium: Key Things to Know

Now it’s time to learn how to start playing Illuvium! A player is invited to take on the role of a surviving spaceship in the intergalactic fleet. It investigates the emergency beacon and discovers a destroyed planet. Now it is necessary to understand the causes of the cataclysm.

Due to the accident, a player cannot leave the planet and discovers mysterious creatures, illuvials, which can be captured in shards of crystals. Shards are mined on the surface of the planet. Thus, a player travels, mines shards, captures illuvials, and unlocks Obelisks.

Illuvials are godlike creatures that inhabit a destroyed planet. Each creature has its own stats and classes belonging to the elements. Some illuvials are more common, while some are rare ones. There is a so-called blending mechanism, which allows creatures to merge into more rare powerful species.

Illuvials Blending

Each creature is represented in the form of NFTs, which can be purchased on the in-game IlluviDEX or external exchanges. Moreover, they can be won.

Illuvium Guide: How to Play Illuvium?

How to start playing Illuvium? Well, first, you need to download an app to access the game. The founding team states there are no plans to launch the game on mobile devices yet. So, next, you need to customize your character and choose a robot assistant.

The choice of available weapons depends on the character. In addition, the weapon can be given additional power with the help of rare minerals.

So, how to play Illuvium? Once determined, you can go on an adventure with a partner. Next, a player will meet creatures to fight with on the planet’s surface. To capture them, you need to use shards. At first, you can use free tools that can capture some weak illuvials.

Thus, in addition to the class and the elements, creatures have many additional attributes that affect strength in battle and damage dealt. After the win, illuvials become more powerful and can be upgraded with special items. 

Illuvium Battlefield

The developers provide an opportunity to try the gameplay without initial investments. In the future, to visit new planets, it will be necessary to unlock Obelisks and purchase more powerful shards for ETH.

Traveling around the game world and collecting illuvials can be very profitable if you catch rare species. Over time, the creatures will become more difficult to capture. The coefficient will change as it is tied to the number of creatures already received.

The difference between Illuvium and other games is battle (not turn-based). In each battle, a player must develop a strategy for positioning their illuvials to attack an opponent. It is desirable to have strong characters that have good synergy with each other.

The drone is not just a gadget. In addition to storing illuvials and helping in battle, it can mine minerals and transform them into something useful. 

Thus, resources can be turned into weapons or armor. Some materials are rare and provide strong advantages in battle. You can use them yourself or sell them on the marketplace profitably. Alien fruits will help upgrade creatures or heal after damage caused in battles.

Strong armor can also decide the outcome of a battle. You can forge it from items found on the planet’s surface or purchase it on IlluviDEX.

To capture illuvials, you need powerful shards with random quality and strength when mined. The greater the power of the item, the higher its rarity and price are. Before going on a journey, you must have a powerful shard in your arsenal, which can be purchased on the built-in marketplace.

Although many illuvials have already been created, developers strive to expand their number and stats. They will be released at regular intervals as their rarity increases.

The Illuvium $ILV Token: Key Features to Know

Another important aspect to mention in our Illuvium guide is the in-game token. Illuvium’s currency is a $ILV token used to reward users for playing the game. Players can obtain the altcoin for winning battles, completing quests, etc. Using $ILV, you can purchase additional items and characters. Alternatively, you can trade your NFTs on the IlluviDEX exchange.

The maximum offer of $ILV in-game currency is 10,000,000. Participants will receive NFT promo cards for purchasing coins during the early stages of the game’s development. In addition, NFTs will drop randomly, and all players will participate in this process. Thus, no matter how much $ILV they have, any participant has the opportunity to win.

There are many ways to generate income in the game. Part of the tokens will be distributed among the players participating in staking. $ILV will give a voice on the Illuvium board that determines the future of the game, management models, and suggestions for improvement. The Illuvium Council is elected by coin holders and will determine how they receive income, NFTs, and other benefits.

All-Time $ILV Price Chart

In addition to the main cryptocurrency $ILV, the game contains an Escrowed Illuvium token ($sILV), a synthetic token used as a game currency. It can be used to pay for various in-game activities during the gameplay. To earn $sILV, you need to put it in the ILV liquidity pool. Still, sales or purchases of illuvials cannot be performed using $sILV.

The DeFi bidding mechanism allows players with in-game tokens to be rewarded for providing liquidity. A system of rewards for yield farming has been developed.

$ILV Staking

Any $ILV token holder can receive rewards from the network. It is enough to have coins on the cryptocurrency wallet and ETH to pay the commission to start staking. In total, it is planned to distribute $3 million among $ILV token holders over three years. Most of the coins are expected to be used in the first two years.

$ILV tokens obtained from farms are locked for a year and cannot be claimed earlier since they are stored in the game storage. A synthetic equivalent of $sILV has been created for participants wishing to receive coins instantly. It can be requested for use in the gameplay.

Illuvium Staking

Illuvium’sIlluvium’s income can be divided into two categories: in-game purchases and commissions on IlluviDEX. The initial rate is 5% from each transaction. All Illuvium proceeds from commissions and in-game purchases go to the Vault contract. At the same time, tokens are distributed among staking participants in proportion to their share.

In addition, the developers have created a system for encouraging long-term investors. The longer the $ILV investment period is, the more tokens the investors receive in income distribution. The rate of tokens unlocked at the end of the year is twice as high as initially.


The NFT game Illuvium promises to be an exciting project that has brought many people together. Thoughtful mechanics, rewards, and modern graphics will help you take the lead in the industry.

Illuvium is a fully 3D game. The design team creates all the details of the game world, so the graphics should be impressive. 

How to play Illuvium? What other interesting facts do you know? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments!

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