How to Play Land of Conquest: A Brief Guide for Beginners 2023

Land of Conquest is a multiplayer strategy based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. The plot is a post-apocalypse, with hostility between individual groups, warlords, criminals, and cult leaders for territories and resources. The gameplay elements of both PvE and PvP are involved in the process, and a full-fledged economic system has been developed.

The game’s ecosystem has two types of tokens, $SLG and $XTAL, as well as the in-game currency LOC Gold. SLG is a governance token that can also be used to buy and sell in-game NFTs or for staking to earn passive income.

Briefly About Land of Conquest NFT Game

Land of Conquest includes the main features of game simulations; the strategy and social interaction of players play an important role. The developers pay a lot of attention to economic attributes, integrating aspects such as resource accumulation, social functions, and PvP battles on the world map into the game model. 

In addition, the developers added the opportunity to make money while playing (a Play-to-Earn model).

Key Features of Land of Conquest:

  • Implementing GameFi components on a public blockchain with the most advanced technology at the moment.
  • Application of reliable NFT standards in the project structure.
  • Free game start. You only need to register to start playing right away.
  • A Play-to-Earn model based on shared values created by developers and players.

There are 22,500 NFT land plots in the project. Each of them is an independent object that can be bought and sold on the free market, as well as rented out to receive passive income.

The game heroes themselves are also NFTs. They are divided into three types — recruit, conqueror, and farmer. The hero’s value grows from the degree of its upgrading.

Finally, game mechanisms, combat, industrial, and agricultural are also presented as NFTs. Mechanisms give powerful bonuses to protect or develop the player’s city.

PvP & PvE Game Modes

The blockchain game Land of Conquest is designed for people with different preferences — for those who like to fight with other players and those who prefer to peacefully farm resources or build buildings. Thus, two main game modes are available to players:

  • PvP includes battles between two players, alliance wars, and world wars. During alliance wars, you can destroy buildings and capture territories, and world wars are seasonal events.
  • PvE. Playing campaigns with your own chosen heroes, fighting hostile mobs, bosses, and NPCs. Also, world bosses will appear on the map from time to time: players must fight together shoulder to shoulder to defeat them.

The skills, ratings, and equipment system allow you to upgrade your character effectively, using found and conquered resources for this.

Land of Conquest (SLG) Token

$SLG is a governance token in the Land of Conquest project, which complies with the BEP-20 standard. In addition, it is the only token with which you can buy and sell NFTs on the built-in marketplace. 

The possibility of staking $SLG will also be available. The maximum supply is 1 billion; there are deflationary mechanisms — an additional issuance is not planned.

Key characteristics of the $SLG token


At the time of writing, the game is in development, and the sale of functional control tokens will help it with funding. But according to the idea, the project looks interesting, even on its own, as an independent game project. Also, such a game can seriously compete with Axie Infinity and similar giants, given that it will be possible to make money on the development of characters and cities, selling NFTs. 

It all depends on how focused the developers are on achieving their goals. Among the venture investors and partners are a number of large companies, including Huobi Ventures, Tap Fantasy, etc.

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