How to Play Sorare NFT Game: Ultimate Guide for Beginners 2022

We continue to post reviews on popular NTF games, and our today’s one is devoted to the Sorare game. It is a fantasy football emulator built on NFT cards based on the Ethereum cryptocurrency blockchain. Development took place in 2018 in Paris. Exactly one year later, in 2019, it became available to players.

In Sorare, you need to buy digital football player cards and trade them or participate in fantasy tournaments. The first step is to build a team of five players. Depending on its success in tournaments, we get points. Whoever has more points wins. Still, before you start playing, you should familiarize yourself with the types of tournaments and leagues. Let’s get started!

How Do Game Mechanics Work?

The main idea of the Sorare game is to sell and purchase in-game cards. The user builds a team of 5 players, participates in tournaments and championships with them. If a player in real life makes an effective action, for example, leaves his goal intact or does not receive yellow cards during the season, his rating and in-game card’s value on the market platform increases.

After registration, the user gets 8 attempts to participate in the tournaments for beginners. Newbies can use only Common cards, which were originally selected during the draft stage. This opportunity allows users to get acquainted with the game and its scoring.

What Are In-Game NFT Cards?

NFT technology is a part of the blockchain that allows you to store absolutely any type of information (music, video, images, text, etc.) in a specific encrypted block. In this way, Internet users can secure ownership of unique digital objects — for example, football players’ cards. The technology allows you to work with a huge amount of content by creating unique tokens (encrypted keys).

This system helps prevent theft and provides greater account security. In the event of theft or hacking, Sorare will automatically lock on the account and issue a private key to unlock it.

Sorare Cards

The cards are divided by rarity into 5 main types:

  1. Common. These are regular white cards. They are issued upon registration of a new user and as rewards at tournaments. They are of low value.
  2. Limited. It is a relatively new type of golden card with a maximum limit of 1000 units per season.
  3. Rare. A rare red card with a maximum limit of 100 units per season. They are much more expensive than usual — tens or hundreds of euros (if we are talking about images of goalkeepers).
  4. Super Rare. These are Super Rare blue cards with a maximum limit of 10 units per season. The cost of one reaches hundreds of euros. You can win it only in tournaments.
  5. Unique. These are special brown cards in a single copy. The cost of one is several thousand euros.
Sorare Card Types

How to Buy Sorare Cards?

The official Sorare FAQ states that all cards are artificially created with a special limit based on the Ethereum blockchain, so their cost is about the same high level.

Ethereum is a smart contract cryptocurrency. It is an open-source software platform that developers can use to create dApps. The Ethereum network is decentralized — no individual or legal entity controls the platform.

The Sorare Transfer Market works like an auction. Cards are bought in packs. There are 5 players inside one pack, which may differ in terms of value. Transactions are made through a linked cryptocurrency wallet (Coinbase, Portis, or Metamask).

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What Is Fantasy in Sorare?

Fantasy in Sorare is a separate type of online sports game where players build a virtual team of real athletes. Based on actual events, you can win points for result-oriented actions. As in poker, a fantasy player competes with real people.

Skill plays an important role. A poor manager who does not know how to build a team will not be able to win prizes. Fantasy sports are subdivided according to the following parameters:

  • Sport type (basketball, football, hockey, baseball, etc.).
  • The duration of the game (seasonal, monthly, annual, etc.).
  • The game’s format (Champion League, one-on-one games, tournaments with the win of several players at once, etc.).
  • Prize type (money, sports tools, interest, win in a dispute, etc.)

The organizer of a fantasy sports tournament sets specific rules — the number of athletes, the rules for issuing awards, the number of transfers and replacements of players in the team, etc. However, the most important thing is awarding fantasy points, which determines who wins the competition.


But still, Sorare is a football card game based on the blockchain, specifically the Ethereum cryptocurrency. Its essence lies in the fact that a user must get the rarest and most expensive cards of players of real football clubs, create their own team and generate passive income.

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Have you ever played Sorare? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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