How to Remove Crypto Virus: A Complete Guide

How to remove crypto virus? It’s necessary to note that there are two main types of crypto viruses — miner virus & arrow virus. Today, we’re about to consider them in detail. So, how to remove crypto miner virus? Let us remind that mining is a process of mining cryptocurrency using complex calculations that take place on a computer. At the moment, there are two main ways of ‘malicious mining’.

In the first case, a miner program is secretly installed on your computer and starts constantly using its power — a processor and graphics card. In the second case, the process of mining only takes place when you visit an infected site — a browser mining.

Of course, the first method is much more popular with cybercriminals, albeit a more complicated one — after all, a computer first needs to be infected somehow. The second one is simpler, and attackers ‘get’ the required power due to a large number of users who visit the site. Just continue to read this article for more details!

How to Remove Crypto Miner Virus: What Should You Do?

Before answering the question ‘how to remove crypto miner virus?’, let’s consider the main ‘symptoms’ of the virus.

The very first one is that your computer begins to constantly ‘slow down’. For example, when your cooler is noisy all the time. Or your laptop heats up or freezes while it’s running only a browser with three tabs.

It’s clear that such symptoms are typical not only for miner virus — at this moment you may simply have a ‘heavy’ background process running (for example, updating software). But if your computer works in such a loaded mode all the time, this is a serious cause for suspicion.

So, how to remove crypto virus? Unfortunately, you shouldn’t rely on antiviruses alone. Miners aren’t malicious programs. Therefore, they are included in the Riskware category. This is a legal software, but at the same time can be used for malicious purposes. That’s why an antivirus may not work in the case of hidden browser mining.

How to Find a Miner Virus & What to Do With It?

The easiest way you can try to identify a malicious process that ‘eats up’ all the resources of your computer is to launch a built-in task manager (in Windows, it’s called by the Ctrl-Shift-Esc keyboard shortcut).

How to remove crypto virus? In a case with an infected site, you just need to close the tab in a browser. 

It’s worse if a miner program gets on your computer. In this case, you can first try to close the malicious process in the task manager. However, as a rule, it’s not that simple. That is where antivirus programs come in.

How to Remove Arrow Crypto Virus: What Are the Main Steps?

How to remove arrow crypto virus? Let’s try to find out! Arrow is a name given to the new virus, file encryption. It got its name from its addition of an ‘arrow’ module at the end of each of these files. Thus, blocking them. An arrow threat shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s dangerous and malicious. 

The virus belongs to a ransomware family and is a plague on your system. Once it finds its way into your system, its programming comes into play and you better be careful. The tool starts encrypting every file you have on your computer. As was mentioned before, it adds an ‘arrow’ module and freezes control over your data. 

Once the extension is installed, you can no longer access any file. It becomes unaccessible for viewing. Cybercriminals, in turn, dictate their terms. 

So, how to remove arrow crypto virus? Are there any ways? Here are the main steps.

  • Step #1 Get rid of the malicious process;
  • Step #2 Reveal hidden files;
  • Step #3 Find the launch site;
  • Step #4 Recover encrypted files.

How to remove crypto virus? What other proven ways do you know? Just share your knowledge in the comments!

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