How to Send Bitcoin Cash: Everything You Need to Know

Bitcoin Cash cryptocurrency is a decentralized payment system that runs its own digital coin (BCH). It’s not a surprise that today, BCH is one of the most popular and well-known cryptocurrencies in the world. 

Despite this, most users often face problems when trying to cash out or send the crypto to other accounts. Today, we’re about to find out how to send Bitcoin Cash to another address or other services. Let’s get started!

How to Send Bitcoin Cash to Another Address: What Should You Know?

How to send money to Bitcoin Cash wallet? Well, sending bitcoin cash coins is like doing a transaction in your bank account. Log into your wallet. Bitcoin Cash recipient address, as well as an amount of BCH, must then be entered there. After you’re done, you can then send a transaction.

How to send Bitcoin Cash to another address? You don’t have to do anything when receiving BCH coins. Just make sure that you give a person your correct account number as well as a public key. Quite often you will see incoming Bitcoin Cash transactions right after they have been sent — confirmation can take a few minutes. Only then can you send these coins, if you wish.

It’s necessary to note that it’s impossible to determine the exact time as it depends on the number of blockchain confirmations. Thus, it refers to your wallet address provider. Be aware that this process may take some time. 

How to Send Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin Wallet: What Are the Key Steps?

Are you about to send BCH but don’t know how? How to send Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin wallet for example? It’s not that difficult, but this process can be quite confusing at first. Here are the key 3 steps to follow.

Step #1 Choose a Bitcoin Cash Wallet

In order to be able to send your coins, you need a Bitcoin Cash wallet. A wallet is a digital management system for your coins.

Just find out more about different Bitcoin Cash wallets or even download some wallets to try them. A Bitcoin Cash wallet is the very first tool for sending and receiving coins. You must be familiar with them.

Hardware Wallet

Beginners are often advised to buy a Bitcoin Cash hardware wallet. It offers several advantages — a hardware wallet is easy to set up, user-friendly, and very secure.

Online Wallet

Online wallets also have a number of advantages. In this case, users can create an online wallet and then send and receive cryptocurrencies. Most online wallets also allow you to convert crypto-to-crypto, e.g. Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash.

Paper Wallet

The only but significant advantage of paper wallets is that all confidential information is not stored in any digital form, which nullifies all hacking attempts or cyber attacks.

How to send Bitcoin Cash from a wallet of that kind? In order to send BCH from your paper wallet, you first need to transfer them to a mobile application. How to do this? Just scan the private key with your camera. Once you’ve imported your Bitcoin Cash paper wallet, you can send your coins.

Step #2 You Need a Receiving Address

So that you can now send BCH coins, you need a receiving address. Here are two ways. If you wonder how to send Bitcoin Cash to your wallet, you have to copy out the receiving address. And if you wonder how to send Bitcoin Cash to Bitcoin wallet, then your friend must give you his/her receiving address.

A receiving address for Bitcoin starts with a 1, 3, or bc1q and can look like this, for example, MGxNPPB7eBoWPUaprtX9v9CXJZoD2465zN

Under the menu item ‘Send’ you now have to enter a receiving address, as well as the amount of BCH. You can optionally add a description as well. 

Step #3 Track Your Payment

After you’ve sent your coins, you can track them thanks to the blockchain. To do this, just copy the receiving address and paste it into a block explorer. 

Your transaction is now either ‘received’ (confirmed) or not yet ‘received’ (unconfirmed) by a recipient. Many recipients wait for 6-12 confirmations. A Bitcoin Cash transaction with 6-12 confirmations is considered secure and irreversible.

Send Money to Bitcoin Cash Wallet: Final Conclusions

How to send money to Bitcoin Cash wallet? Here is the same principle. In order to send BCH coins to a Bitcoin Cash wallet, you need a receiving address as well. Just copy out your receiving address. A receiving address for Bitcoin Cash is similar to a bank account number and can have a comment prefix, for example —  bitcoincash:qzgy20ljfu24v8v4msnzpnxst5gpm930lcmuekam2q.

Once you’ve entered a receiving address, just type the amount of BCH, add a description if you want. And you’re done! What other useful tips when sending BCH do you know? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments!

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