How to Use a Dash Crypto: All You Need to Know

Dash cryptocurrency aims to stand out with its special features. One such feature is InstantSend, with which participants can confirm transactions in a matter of seconds by means of proof-of-work. PrivateSend function also allows users to hide their transactions through the network.

How to use Dash crypto? Dash token (DSH) is a cryptocurrency with a special focus on transaction speed and anonymity. Dash was originally known as Darkcoin and is focused on user privacy. The project was later upgraded and now aims to become an alternative for daily payment transactions suitable for everyday use. 

In our today’s guide, you’ll find out the basic information about DSH as well as how to use Dash crypto. Let’s get started!

How to Use Dash Anonymously: Private Transactions

How to use Dash anonymously? Well, cryptocurrencies are often associated with anonymity and privacy. Quite often, transactions can be viewed and tracked publicly. As a rule, names aren’t shown, only the respective wallet addresses between which a transaction has taken place. 

So, how to use Dash anonymously? Dash’s PrivateSend feature hides all information about transactions. It does this by executing a sequence of transactions (known as a ‘CoinJoin’) that makes it virtually impossible to trace the history of transactions. 

How to Use Dash to Pay: Key Features to Know

Digital crypto transactions are very fast compared to bank transactions. Users appreciate this feature as it gives them certainty that a transaction has been carried out successfully within a short period of time. However, there is a big difference in the speed of transaction execution between different cryptocurrencies. 

Thus, in BTC’s case, it takes around 10 minutes, sometimes longer, until a transaction is confirmed. How to use Dash to pay? Well, Dash, on the other hand, confirms transactions in a split second. The feature is called InstantSend. It enables users to make payments almost in real-time. 

The reason is that Dash uses an additional network of Masternodes, which guarantees a certain minimum level of functionality to perform certain tasks related to block validation. How to use Dash to pay? When you want to carry out a crypto transaction, quite often commission fees are charged.

These fees are used to maintain the network, finance the further development of the platform, or pay miners. Dash’s transaction fee is low compared to that of other cryptocurrencies. This should make the coin interesting for everyday transactions.

How to Use Dash Safety: No Hard Forks 

Hard forks occur in the further development and administration of blockchains when the community cannot agree on changes in protocols and technologies. In such a case, the blockchain is split into two independent chains that function independently of each other. The well-known cryptocurrency Bitcoin has already gone through several such hard forks, from which Bitcoin Cash emerged. 

How to use Dash safety? Dash tests all changes extensively in a test network and only then publishes them to all participants. The changes are only put into operation when a sufficiently large number of participants are using the latest version (e.g. 80% of all users). Once there is consensus that the latest version is stable and bug-free, it will be available for all participants.

How to use Dash safety? What other interesting facts do you know? Feel free to share your 

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