Major Companies That Actually Accept Bitcoin Payments Today

Cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly frequent topic of discussion. Before you purchase a few bitcoins, you might be wondering who accepts bitcoins as a means of payment. Well, since Bitcoin is a relatively new type of asset and many companies shy away from its price volatility, it’s quite clear that BTC isn’t as widespread as traditional fiat currencies. 

But still, an increasing number of companies are adopting Bitcoin as a form of payment for their goods and services. Let’s find out what companies accept BTC payments and what you can buy with bitcoins today!

Where Can You Pay with Bitcoins in Europe?

The answer to the question of where you can pay with bitcoins in 2021 will be quite unexpected — first of all, it’s Slovenia. Ljubljana is one of the most popular European cities for BTC payments, where more than 300 retailers accept cryptocurrency.

In total, more than 530 retailers throughout Slovenia and Croatia accept Bitcoin daily, primarily hotels, shops, and restaurants. Although a year and a half ago there were only 240 such retailers. This list includes Tus, one of the largest grocery chains in Slovenia. In Ljubljana, there is even a shopping center called BTC City.

In Prague, you can rent apartments and pay for cinema tickets using cryptocurrencies. In the Czech Republic, a network of BitcoinCoffee establishments, where Bitcoin is accepted, has been opened. Unlike this coffee shop, PizzaForCoins delivery uses more than 50 different coins in addition to BTC. On their website, the co-owners of PizzaForCoins stated the following:

The ForCoins Team is very passionate about the use and future of digital currency. We believe in bitcoin which is why we started accepting it for payment back in February of 2013 which makes us one of the ORIGINAL bitcoin merchants

The worldwide fast-food chain Burger King also supports the development of new technologies. Recently, in the Netherlands, restaurants of this chain have started to accept BTC payments.

Universities are also trying to keep up with the times. Now you can pay for education with bitcoin in educational institutions in Germany, Cyprus, the USA, and Switzerland. One of the first was the Swiss University of Lucerne, which started accepting cryptocurrency for art and science studies in 2017. 

By the way, one of the most luxurious hotels in Swiss Zurich Dolder Grand has been accepting bitcoins for a year. 

Where Are Bitcoins Accepted Worldwide?

In New York, you can only find small businesses that accept BTC payments: Forefront Law Group, Gotham Cookies, Toggle Web Media Design, and others. In the well-known New York plastic surgery clinic Body Sculpt, you can not only pay with bitcoin for the entire range of services but also get a discount for it.

In Australia’s two largest cities, Sydney and Melbourne, there are enough Bitcoin-friendly companies, which cannot be said about Asia, where BTC payments are only accepted in Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Tokyo.

The situation is the same in Africa: with the exception of South African Cape Town, where 31 retailers accepting BTC are registered, you cannot pay with bitcoins anywhere.

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Top 5 Companies That Accept BTC Payments

Cryptocurrencies are now primarily an investment tool. But this doesn’t mean that they cannot be used as a means of payment. The number of retailers where Bitcoin is accepted is constantly growing. Let’s figure out where you can pay with bitcoins in 2021!

  • Starbucks. In 2019, Starbucks started accepting cryptocurrencies for payment at its U.S. coffee shops. This is made possible by the Spedn app, which allows orders to be paid with bitcoins. Developers of the app assure that it’s protected from payment fraud and even helps to reduce operating costs.
  • Microsoft. In December 2014, Microsoft allowed BTC payments at a digital content store. This opportunity was well received by fans of Xbox games. 
  • Shopify. It has also started accepting cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. Therefore, anyone can not only create their own online store but also accept payment for goods in BTC. So far, the service works only with BTC, but in the future, other cryptocurrencies may appear on the list of payment methods as well.
  • PayPal. The PayPal payment system was one of the first to accept cryptocurrency as a means of payment. The company has added cryptocurrency support to its wallets.

PayPal Website

  • Subway. One of the leaders in the fast-food industry also accepts crypto payments. Subway not only allows BTC payments in some countries but even offers cryptocurrency supporters up to 15% discounts.


In fact, you can buy almost anything with bitcoins today. It’s enough that the retailer accepts payments with bank cards. But still, despite the adoption of cryptocurrencies by our listed stores and retailers, the massive adoption of BTC can be complicated due to its high volatility. 

Do you use BTC to pay for goods and services? Have you tried BTC payments at any of these retailers? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below!

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