Microsoft Could Add Bitcoin Payments for Xbox

Will the console gamers community soon see a shift towards cryptocurrencies? It seems that Microsoft with its Xbox could be a kind of pioneer in this area. The tech giant is probably considering adding BTC payments for an online shop of its Xbox game console. 

According to a Reddit post on March 21, Microsoft published a survey asking Xbox users about their preferred payment options in its online shop. What comes next? Let’s try to find out!

Bitcoin & Microsoft in the Past

Microsoft started accepting Bitcoin back in 2014. At that time, users in the United States could purchase Xbox games and apps for the Windows Phone with the cryptocurrency. 

After the payment option was temporarily suspended at the beginning of 2018, Microsoft resumed Bitcoin payments for its MS Store a few days later. The reason for the temporary suspension was BTC price volatility at the time and extremely high fees for transactions. Payments with cryptocurrencies are currently not available in the Xbox Online Store.

Reddit users assume that many gamers might shy away from the Bitcoin payment option because they often don’t even know how to get their first BTC.

Conclusion: Gradual BTC Adaptation at Microsoft

Reddit users suspect that Microsoft will add the payment option ‘Pay in Bitcoin’ to the online store of its Xbox console in the future. At least this is what a survey of beta testers from an Insider Program suggests. It’s currently not certain whether this will actually happen. 

It’s still possible, especially since Microsoft has made Bitcoin available as a payment option in its MS Store since 2014. 

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