Mines of Dalarnia NFT Game Ultimate Guide: How to Play Mines of Dalarnia 2022?

More and more promising GameFi projects where you can earn directly in the game appear almost every day. Mines of Dalarnia NFT game is an action-adventure Play-to-Earn game based on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. 

Players mine and combine various in-game items, improving their skills and gear to unlock the MoD universe’s secrets while fighting enemies and searching for rare relics and artifacts. So, what is the Mines of Dalarnia NFT game all about? Today, we’ll try to find out!

Mines of Dalarnia NFT Game: Key Things to Know

The game’s development was undertaken by the Workinman company, known for cooperation with Atari, Nickelodeon, Disney, and others. The entire economy of the game revolves around a native $DAR token, which is used for trading in the embedded marketplace and improving in-game tools and skills.

The in-game terrain is divided into 4 types, each of which is equally important in the ecosystem. However, before going on a journey, you will need to update your equipment, learn new skills, and familiarize yourself with the available in-game artifacts and relics. 

Each hostile monster will require an individual approach. Thus, as the game progresses, a player’s inventory is replenished with new items. The result will directly depend on the chosen combination of items, skills, and weapons.

Mines of Dalarnia Monsters Design

There are 4 types of worlds in Mines of Dalarnia:

  • Darkness (green) — dark dungeons where you can find valuable minerals;
  • Ice (blue) — endless ice expanses;
  • Lava (red) is the underworld closest to the core of the planet, so the landscape is full of lava rivers;
  • Terrestrial (purple) is a classic surface familiar to everyone.
Mines of Dalarnia 4 Worlds

Mines of Dalarnia NFT Gaming Aspects to Know

What is the Mines of Dalarnia NFT gaming process all about? Well, all players are divided into 2 types: miners and land owners. Let’s consider them in more detail!


Miners are engaged in mining activity, improving their equipment in every possible way and increasing work speed. Minerals mining is continuously associated with the need to clear the path from the soil and monsters.

Miners upgrade their character every time they perform a successful action. In the end, this is what determines what exactly a user will receive as an NFT reward. But mining is available for a limited amount of time. If the session is interrupted in any way, then the player’s highest score decreases, which will negatively affect the final amount of the reward.

Miners are provided with a Free 2 Play Pack to start the game. But it is also possible to purchase sets with many useful tools: Starter Pack or Basic Starter Pack. Sometimes there are limited pack promotions that allow you to get unique NFTs.

MoD Miner

Land Owners

Each of the worlds has its own land plots, which are unique NFT tokens. Thus, the users who own them are land owners. Owners of land plots can rent them out to players, thereby receiving passive income. The tenant acquires the ability to mine minerals on the land plot received. Thus, the land is considered the most valued among players since it provides passive income.

The rent works as follows. The owner opens the land plot, after which any other player can get to it. Still, you will need to pay a certain amount of DAR to enter it. Moreover, the land owner reserves the right to independently regulate the amount of taxation from the income received by miners.

Land Plots Rent

The amount itself is determined depending on the land plot’s status and the type of minerals that can be mined. But this does not mean that you can start playing only with the investment of a certain amount. Donating to the Mines of Dalarnia NFT game is not obligatory because there are Free Zones open to all players.

At the same time, land owners not only receive funds from passive income — they also have some responsibilities. Mine activity is quantified during each month. If the mine is performing well, the owner will receive additional $DAR tokens as a reward. If it turns out that the land owner is no longer active, then special actions will be taken to return the land plot to the shared pool. 

In-Game Resources & Items

All in-game resources are divided into two types.

  • Basic minerals are the least valuable ones necessary for developing the basic stats of characters.
  • Exotic. These are rare minerals required for advanced upgrades.
In-Game Minerals

Players can also equip their own characters. Each new user receives a standard set of tools, which includes:

  • a pickaxe used to mine minerals;
  • a backpack for storing items;
  • boots that increase the standard movement speed;
  • bombs used during fights with monsters;
  • a drill, as an alternative to a pickaxe with increased efficiency;
  • canar-E to help you progress through the game.

Each character has four basic stats that determine its main strength:

  • Health (HP);
  • Oxygen for being in the world of Darkness;
  • Heat Sink, without which it is impossible to descend into the Lava world;
  • Antifreeze, used in the Ice world.
Character’s Basic Stats

Players can upgrade all in-game items and stats to strengthen the character’s performance, simplify the mining process, and open up new opportunities. Upgrades are even available for a pickaxe, which, after being improved, will allow you to mine more minerals in a shorter period of time.

Each of the equipment items is available on the internal market, where players can put up for sale and purchase items of interest. Trading opportunities also extend to minerals. The most popular currency in the domestic market is the native $DAR token.

$DAR Coin Tokenomics

The maximum $DAR supply is limited to 800 million coins, of which only 15% are currently circulating. The market cap of the available tokens is $266,486,440.

$DAR Token Allocation

The $DAR token is necessary for the Mines of Dalarnia NFT gaming ecosystem to fulfill the following purposes:

  • staking — required to confirm transactions on the network;
  • voting — each $DAR token makes it possible to support initiatives of interest, suggested by developers or validators;
  • exchange — each player can buy and sell in-game items, receiving $DAR in return;
  • NFT trading;
  • payment of commission for transactions and trades.

Until November 4, $DAR was only used within the game ecosystem and Binance Launchpad. But starting from November 4, one can find the token on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange paired with BUSD, BTC, USDT, BNB. You can store coins in MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or Binance Chain Wallet.

All-Time $DAR Price Chart

How to Buy Mines of Dalarnia NFT Items?

Most of the gameplay revolves around mining, combining, and collecting resources. So, how to buy Mines of Dalarnia NFT items? Well, all in-game items are NFTs that can be bought and sold on the internal marketplace. 

MoD Mining Apes NFT Collection

Let’s consider the main types of in-game NFTs and find out how to buy Mines of Dalarnia NFT items!

  • Mines and land plots. They provide the main source of income for both the owners of these NFTs and those who work for them trying to find valuable minerals.
  • Resources and minerals. These are basic ones (cheap, found almost everywhere) and exotic (expensive and rare).
  • Drilling tools and weapons. Players will need them to mine valuable resources and fight the monsters that can be found in mines.

So, how to buy Mines of Dalarnia NFT items? All objects can be sold on the built-in NFT marketplace. Here you can not only trade NFTs but also rent them out. To purchase in-game items, you need to launch Mines of Dalarnia, go to the Market section, and make a transaction.


One of the advantages of Mines of Dalarnia is its foundation — the Binance Smart Chain. Most of the projects launched on this blockchain have gained huge popularity. In addition, Mines of Dalarnia NFT gaming is really entertaining and differs from that of other GameFi projects. The ability to earn passive income through land rent or NFT trading also attracts many users.

Have you ever played Mines of Dalarnia? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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