MOBOX NFT Platform Ultimate Guide: How to Play MOBOX Games?

MOBOX is a project that combines NFT gaming with profitable yield farming. The platform is managed entirely by its community. For participation in the project’s development, each user receives rewards. An MBOX utility token is used as a means of management and reward. Here is a complete guide on the MOBOX NFT platform!

MOBOX NFT Items: How Do They Work?

The project allows you to start playing without initial investments while getting some income. Play-to-Earn games became extremely popular thanks to the development of NFT and blockchain technology in general. Today, MBOX is considered one of the largest NFT tokens on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain by market cap.

An interesting feature of MOBOX is that all purchased NFTs can be used in any game that the project supports. So the team is working on the development of three games at the same time, which are based on one single blockchain. 

All NFTs can be created and customized. It is enough to upload an image, set its characteristics and an income distribution model. Each user can independently choose which part is automatically deducted from the product’s final cost in favor of project creators.

But all offered MOBOX NFT tokens are reviewed by the community and put on public display. If most users approve of adding such a token to the ecosystem, then it will appear on the market.

Briefly About the Project

The company was founded in 2017 in Hong Kong. The main goal of creating a project is to provide each project’s participant with income for contributing to the gaming community. After all, modern monopoly companies are introducing their own gamification methods to keep the interest of users. 

The MOBOX developers decided to reward users for the time and money invested in the project to keep the balance.

In the project from MOMO, not only the company but also the players earn money. A set of tools and smart contracts that create a decentralized system allowed this idea to be realized.

How to Buy MOBOX NFT: Key Steps to Follow

To play and make money, you need to purchase some NFTs first. But how to buy MOBOX NFT? Well, you can do it in several ways. The first is to purchase mystery boxes, where you can find a randomly generated character. The second is to go to the website where other users are put up NFTs for sale. So here is a step-by-step guide on how to buy MOBOX NFT!

  • Go to the Market section and select the NFT you are interested in.
  • Confirm the cryptocurrency (it can be BNB or BUSD) and pay for the purchase.

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It’s enough to top up the wallet linked to the MOBOX account to pay for purchases. After completing the transaction, you only need to confirm it, after which the funds will be transferred to the seller. And you’re done!

MOBOX NFT Gaming: The List of MBOX Games

What is MOBOX NFT gaming all about? The development team stated that they would independently work on developing the coin’s ecosystem and the tools necessary for its use. Progress is already visible today because, by the end of 2021, it is planned to release three full-fledged games, where MBOX coins will be used:

  • MOMO: Token Master is a turn-based incremental game. It is a classic clicker that adds the ability to rob other players to collect more coins. Each season will be summed up, and the most successful robbers will receive awards in the form of MBOX tokens.
#1 MOMO: Token Master
  • MOMO: Block Brawler is an idle real-time thriller. You can upgrade your characters by receiving talent points and also obtain equipment and gems by completing various tasks. The main goal is to assemble as strong a team as possible. Battles are available not only with virtual bosses but also with friends and other players.
#2 MOMO: Block Brawler
  • MOMO: Tactical Party Slayer — the game has been announced, but more details about the project have not been disclosed yet.
#3 MOMO: Tactical Party Slayer

The List of Other Game Projects to Make Money

The platform provides the ability to receive MBOX directly through MOBOX NFT games and in three other game projects. Moreover, they are all free to play — you just need to create an account and verify a phone number to prevent the registration of multiple accounts:

  • SimpleTrade is a trading simulator, where each player receives 1 million digital USD, which they need to invest to get the maximum income. The user engages in classic trading with digital funds.
  • Bull vs Bear — a player should determine which BTC trend will be observed (bullish or bearish). For visualization, players are provided with a BTC candlestick chart and a picture to understand the process better.
Bull vs Bear
  • LeverageMania is a trading simulator for making quick price predictions using a BTC chart from the Binance exchange. By clicking on the ‘Feeling Lucky’ button, a user can choose a Long or Short rate (increase or decrease). After that, you need to wait for the right moment to close the deal and get the maximum profit.

Even the large esports organization Alliance saw the development perspective of MOBOX NFT gaming. The Alliance has teams in Dota 2, Starcraft 2, Hearthstone, League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, Super Smash Bros, etc.

The project is also actively supported by: CoinMarketCap, PancakeSwap, Binance, CertiK, CoinGecko, etc. All this shows how serious the company’s development is and that one should not expect a collapse of MOBOX NFT gaming in the near future.

MBOX Tokenomics 

The platform limits the maximum supply to 1 billion MBOX tokens, but currently, the total supply is 393.4 million coins. The current price of the MBOX token is $6.43 (as of November 2021).

1 Month MBOX Token Price Chart

MBOX Token Allocation

  • Community — 51%;
  • Contributors — 21%;
  • Team Mobox — 20%;
  • Strategic Partners — 8%.

Developers strive to achieve complete transparency between the team and contributors. Therefore, they decide to develop a function of automatic buyback and burning of coins through smart contracts. This feature allows to decentralize the process and make it independent from any person. 80% of all profits in BNB tokens are sent to the auto buyback and burn pool.

Smart contracts monitor the average token value over the last 72 hours. If the price dropped below the average for this period, then the smart contract starts exchanging funds in the pool for MBOX tokens during a randomly generated period of time.

MOBOX Advantages & Disadvantages

Like any blockchain project, MOBOX has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s consider all of them in detail to understand the project’s specifics better!

Key Pros:

  • a constantly updated roadmap;
  • partnerships with the most prominent representatives of the blockchain and DeFi market;
  • CertiK carried out the project’s audit and confirmed its safety;
  • mobile app with full web version functionality;
  • affiliate program;
  • free-to-play (all purchased goods are optional);
  • the same NFT can be used in any of the project’s games.

Key Cons:

  • it isn’t easy to win prizes in free-to-play games;
  • it’s difficult to start playing without initial investments.


Today, we’ve considered the essence of the MOBOX platform, found out how to buy MOBOX NFT items, and defined the project’s main pros and cons.

To summarize, it’s necessary to highlight the project’s roadmap, which is constantly updated and shows development dynamics.

In addition, the Binance support allows the project to receive worldwide publicity. The very idea of ​​using the same NFTs in different games leaves much room for market development. If the team continues to add new features, then the project is bound to succeed!

Do you play MOBOX games? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below. Have a great weekend!

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