My Neighbor Alice 2022: A Complete Guide on Roadmap Updates & Alpha Seasons

The Alpha of My Neighbor Alice is just around the corner. The game project has recently presented an updated roadmap and provided information about the upcoming alpha seasons.

The launch of the game project is scheduled for Q2 2022. This will be the first alpha access to the testnet environment. As we approached this important milestone, the game team admitted that the focus is currently on blockchain development.

Gaming and design have received enough attention, and now it’s time to test smart contracts to make sure everything works autonomously, securely, and decentralized. After all, over time, the game project will come under the control of the DAO.

To this end, anticipating the expansion of the scope of work, the project team has grown by 100%. A new course has been set for the project, especially in terms of final build quality and playability.

Gameplay in My Neighbor Alice

My Neighbor Alice Roadmap

The test launch will be phased. With each season, the game will receive its share of updates, additional improvements, and components. In addition, the plans of the developers:

  • For Q2:

Sale of lands.

Launch of Alpha Season #1.

  • For Q3:

Sale of lands.

Application launch.

  • For Q4:

Sale of Lands.

Also, sometime in 2022, there will be an Alpha Season #2, and land mining will also appear in the game.

For 2023:

  • Sale of lands.
  • Continuation of Alpha seasons.
  • Launch of in-game partnerships.
  • Launch of the Beta Season.

My Neighbor Alice Updates

Other questions were raised about the game’s future in a recent AMA session with COO Lenny Pettersson. For example, he said that new collections of NFT clothes for people and equipment for animals would soon appear in the game.

The team is currently working on implementing this in the app, which is slated for release in Q3 2022. Supported items will also include seasonal collections that could be purchased on the Binance NFT marketplace.

An example implementation can already be seen in relation to this cardigan:

Let’s also note that the game’s design is still in development. Here are some examples of changes:

Location in My Neighbor Alice

Here are two versions of the same urban location. The first is from pre-alpha, and the other is an updated concept that has not been approved yet to become the final version of the art design.

Key Things to Know About Alpha Season #1

The start is not far off. You can participate in Alpha by simply downloading the launcher from the My Neighbor Alice website without the need to create a Steam account. According to Pettersson, now players need to practice the skill of fishing, which is given a lot of attention in the game.

This advice can be considered an official leak of classified information. Considering that the blog has an entire article dedicated to this in-game method of obtaining resources, the developers place a high bet on it.

My Neighbor Alice Fishing

Fishing is a way of obtaining fish, which can then be sold or used as animal feed. Farmers will be happy to buy the catch, as their animals after the fish menu become happier and better perform the functions assigned to them.

There are currently 5 fish habitats, 5 types of bait for fishing, and 45 types of fish living in fresh, sea, or mixed water in the game. Many of them are picky eaters. For fishing to be successful, you need to find out where each fish lives and what it eats since there are different baits for different types of fish.

Several quests are connected with catching fish. For example, a player will need to catch all kinds of fish to complete a special angler’s book. Moreover, it will be possible to fish together with neighbors, and the catch from social fishing will be better.

The developers also admitted that it would be possible to find seeds in the fish that it swallowed, or use parts of the fish, for example, fins, for craft purposes. Some rare and large fish can be great NFT trophies that can be traded on the marketplace.

A few words about the game project: My Neighbor Alice is a game project where you can farm, fish, collect resources, craft items and enjoy creative expression. Here you can find a detailed guide on My Neighbor Alice full of useful information!

A little more about the first alpha season will be announced later on the game’s official blog. We will follow the updates and be sure to tell you what’s new in My Neighbor Alice.

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