Nvidia Is About to Release a Chip for Crypto Mining

The crypto boom in 2017 increased demand for high-performance graphics cards. Especially the best models from Nvidia are ideal for resource-intensive mining of cryptocurrencies. Even during the Coronavirus crisis, interest in graphics cards rose again to a high level and caused dissatisfaction among individual interest groups. 

Gamers and miners equally complained about insufficient supply of new hardware and immediately bought every available model. Nvidia has made a note of this problem and strives to satisfy both parties in the future.

Nvidia Graphics Сards Are Popular Among Gamers & Miners

New products from chip manufacturer Nvidia have always been eagerly awaited. Millions of people around the world use Nvidia’s graphics cards for resource-intensive processes such as gaming, design, planning, and also cryptocurrency mining.

Miners all over the world stole available hardware from gamers and used it to mine digital currencies. Gigantic mining systems operated in some cases thousands of graphics cards, which continuously mined new blocks of a blockchain.

At times this has led to a conflict between gamers and miners. Most miners drew the ire of the gaming community because they bought new models on a large scale. Thus, gamers were left without new hardware. Over time, miners have become more creative in choosing high-performance chips.

Images of a system that connected several gaming laptops in series appeared on the Internet. A new unknown chip is installed on the laptops. The new chip is that popular because it has certain features that make Ethereum mining particularly efficient. According to an official announcement, the new drivers can increase mining efficiency by around 50 percent.

Nvidia Plans Its Own Product Line for Miners

In the recent past, a chip specialist from Santa Clara planned the rebirth of older hardware models, which are ideal for gaming but unsuitable for mining. For the future, however, Nvidia is planning a complete conversion of its product lines. There should be separate models for gamers and miners. This allows the company to ramp up production of special mining cards at certain times (e.g. during a bull market). With CMP, Nvidia has also developed a series of chips that will soon be available on the market. CMP has all the features required for mining.

Tailor-made product lines are intended to offer suitable products for all interest groups. As a result, differences between miners and gamers should no longer be an issue in the future. A new CMP chipset is ideal for mining cryptocurrencies. In this way, the aim is to create products that are specially designed for mining digital currencies.

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