Plant vs Undead NFT Game Ultimate Guide: How to Play & Make Money While Playing?

Plant vs Undead is a multiplayer tower defense game where the main task is to destroy an army of the dead that is coming for you. The game appeared in the third quarter of 2021 and is currently considered one of the best NFT games to play. What Plant vs Undead NFT gaming is all about? Today, we’ll try to find out!

Plant vs Undead NFT Game: Briefly About the Project

The only Plant vs Undead NFT asset is a plant since it is used as a tower. The idea, the gameplay as well as the name itself are reminiscent of the old game Plants vs Zombies, released on the PC in 2009. After that, it experienced its reincarnation on mobile devices, when gaming on smartphones increased several times, and now it has moved to the blockchain.

The company’s roadmap is as follows:

  • Q3 2021: IDO — opening of the marketplace, the first sale of seeds and lands, launching of Farm mode;
  • Q4 2021: official launch — adding the ability to buy and sell plants on credit, launching of Survival mode, PvP Arena with the Play-to-Earn ability, the second wave of selling plants, lands, and mother trees with the addition of new lots;
  • Q1 2022: smoothing the product — improvement of the marketplace based on user feedback, the first PvP tournament with a guarantee of 1 million PVU tokens;
  • Q2 2022: expansion — launching new game modes suggested by the community.

Such plans allow us to consider the project as a long-term NFT game that can survive for at least a year if it is followed according to the initial statements. The Plant vs Undead NFT game itself is also pretty promising since its first interpretation was commercially successful until stronger competitors entered the market. And the developers of Plant vs Undead realized their mistake and drew up a clear development plan to create entertaining gameplay.

How to Start Playing Plant vs Undead: Key Steps to Follow

Plant vs Undead is an NFT project that requires authorization with a MetaMask wallet. Therefore, before starting registration, you will need to download the corresponding MetaMask extension. 

After opening an account, you can proceed to the registration procedure. Otherwise, you won’t be able to start playing Plant vs Undead. Here are the key steps to creating an account.

  • Open the main page and click on the ‘Register’ button.
  • Choose an authorization method.
  • If you select Log in with MetaMask, the system will automatically start opening a new account for a player. This expands the MetaMask extension in the browser. Just confirm the action, after which you will be redirected to the Plant vs Undead personal account.
  • The second registration method opens when you click on ‘Don’t have an account? Click here to sign up.’
  • Now the user will be able to create an account with the MetaMask extension by entering a unique nickname.

Right after authorization, a user will have access to all the possibilities of the project. Still, you need some plants to start playing since they protect a player from the attack of an army of the dead. Initially, each player receives a certain number of free slots for a mother tree (1) and plants (6), which are not NFTs. These resources should have been enough to start earning.

To start playing, you need to download an app available for Windows and Android. The game is currently in beta testing, so all in-game tokens are fictitious, and a multiplayer mode is not available yet.

How & Where to Buy PVU Tokens?

You can buy in-game tokens on several exchanges at once: ZT,, PancakeSwap (V2), LBank, Hotbit. The easiest way is to use the PancakeSwap platform. Just open the main page of the Plant vs Undead website and click on the ‘here’ link.

To exchange coins, you need to replenish your personal account on the selected exchange and then open a cryptocurrency exchange window. When the procedure is completed, it remains to send the received PVUs to the MetaMask wallet, which was linked to your account in Plant vs Undead.

How to Buy Plant vs Undead NFT Items: Key Steps to Know

In this section, you’ll find out how to buy Plant vs Undead NFT items. But first, it’s necessary to note that unique plants with different traits and skills, mother trees, and land plots serve as in-game NFTs. You can buy or sell them on the Marketplace section on the Plant vs Undead website. 

NFT Plants

So, how to buy Plant vs Undead NFT items? As was mentioned before, just go to the Marketplace section. Choose the type of NFT (plants, mother trees, or land) and use the filter to set the desired parameters. 

Plants Filter Tab

Here you can select the type and rarity of your plant to purchase the one that will suit your needs best — we’ll consider these parameters in detail later.

Once you’ve selected a plant for purchase, just click on the ‘Buy Now’ button and confirm the payment.

Buying Plant Process

And you’re done! If you’ve been following all the steps, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re now an NFT plant owner! 

How to buy Plant vs Undead NFT land? Well, you can also purchase land plots on the Marketplace section from other players. Here you can also use a filter to set the desired parameters.

NFT Land Plots

Land will be required to grow plants and trees. Land plots are distributed randomly but with a clearly defined division by rarity, which depends on the number of elements and available slots for growing.

  • 60% common: 20 plants + 3 mother trees;
  • 29% uncommon: 25 plants + 4 mother trees;
  • 10% rare: 30 plants + 5 mother trees;
  • 1% mythical 40 plants + 7 mother trees.

How to Exchange PVU for LE to Start Playing?

To start farming, you need 5 PVU tokens and one Plant vs Undead NFT. After that, you need to get Light Energy (LE token), which is required to buy equipment for farming. To get LE, you need to water your plants (you can do this 15 times a day) because they provide energy.

PVU/LE Exchange Process

Below are the chances of getting LE watering and chasing crows:


  • 60% chance to get 10 LE;
  • 30% chance to get 25 LE;
  • 9% chance to get 100 LE;
  • 1% chance to get 500 LE.

Chasing Crows:

  • 60% chance to get 20 LE;
  • 30% chance to get 50 LE;
  • 9% chance to get 200 LE;
  • 1% chance to get 1000 LE.

You can also convert LE to PVU. Therefore, to receive LE, you need to purchase NFT on the marketplace or in the store section for PVU tokens. And when watering grown plants, you can get your PVU back.

Plant vs Undead NFT Gaming: Basic Game Mechanics

It’s time to pay more attention to the Plant vs Undead NFT gaming. During each round, a player can deploy one mother tree and eight unique plants. It is important to consider where the NFTs will be located since their synergy between each other depends on this.

For example, three fire plants placed next to each other allow you to set an enemy on fire when attacking. Other types have pretty similar mechanics. For each kill of the dead, you receive energy that can be used to upgrade plants.

In multiplayer, it will be possible to summon the dead and use spells to gain an advantage on the battlefield. In PvP, the winner is the one who stays alive longer.

PvP Mode Battle

Watering & Growing Plants

All players are divided into two main types: farmers and gardeners. Each of them can receive earnings in their own way.

Farmers must grow plants from seed (the cost of one seed is 100 PVU), for which 6 slots are initially available (5 for plants and 1 for the mother tree). You will need to purchase land to increase the number of slots. Still, you can also get seeds for free as a mother tree has a 2% chance of dropping them. To increase this figure by 2%, you will need to use a synergy of Light (Light plant + Light land). Another 2% can be obtained by using a big pot.

Tools Shop

Main Types of Plants

  • Dark;
  • Electro;
  • Fire;
  • Ice;
  • Light;
  • Parasite;
  • Metal;
  • Water;
  • Wind.

The advantage of gardeners is that they work on the land plots of other players, avoiding huge land and seed costs. They must water plants and chase crows. For the work done, they will receive 90% of the reward, and the remaining 10% will go to the land owner. To become a gardener, you need to pay 5 PUV.

Plant vs Undead Seasons

All land plots go through 4 seasons and 20 meteorological phenomena, depending on which the productivity of trees and plants will change. All effects last for 24 hours. At the same time, all care and protection from weather conditions, insects, and other hazards will fall on the shoulders of gardeners. Any weather event has a 2-day cooldown (during this time, it cannot occur again).

Plant vs Undead Seasons & Weather Conditions

Each of them lasts 7 days, after which it is replaced by the next. The difference between each of the seasons is unique weather conditions. Thus, it is necessary to create a strategy for caring for plants because some natural phenomena can destroy them, while others can accelerate their growth.

How Much Can You Earn While Playing: Final Conclusions

The earnings received will directly depend on the PVU token’s value — at the time of this writing, the rate is $0.2483. When using a farm built on Sunflower Saplings, a player can earn about 290 PVU, which is about $73 excluding ROI. 

1 Month PVU Price Chart

But you need to understand that to make money during Plant vs Undead NFT gaming, you need to purchase land plots, Sunflower Saplings (you will need 20 of them), and 3 Sunflower Mama mother trees.

The game’s advantage is its variability. Each user can independently build their own farm. With initial investments and knowledge of plant stats, you will be able to build a more profitable farm, which will be deployed on several land plots at once!

Have you ever played Plant vs Undead? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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