Product Updates | December 2022

🌟 Greetings on the holidays passed! We hope you enjoyed these holidays and spent them in a close circle of family and friends! 🎄

Today, we want to consider all Switchere updates that took place during December and discuss plans for January. Let’s find out what’s been going on within Switchere in December 2022!

In December, we focused on integrating new payment methods, listing new currencies, and making new fruitful partnerships. Here’s a quick summary of where we stand:

What Was Done in December?

  • Partnered with Slavi Wallet;
  • Integrated the Apple Pay payment method;
  • Added support of USDT on SOL network;
  • Made API improvements;
  • Improved the user flow;
  • Made overall product system improvements to smoothen the user experience;
  • Worked on the mobile app’s improvement to smoothen the user experience further.

Apple Pay Support

Switchere now supports Apple Pay, allowing you to purchase your favorite cryptocurrencies even more securely, easily, and faster without actually leaving your smartphone, laptop, or PC.

Apple Pay payment method makes crypto purchases instant and accessible to everyone and doesn’t require entering a card number every single time!

What’s Next for January?

  • Adding new payment methods;
  • Listing new currencies;
  • Adding a new website localization;
  • API improvements;
  • Improving the user flow;
  • Overall product system improvement to smoothen the user experience;
  • Continue working on the mobile app’s improvement to smoothen the user experience further.

That’s it for December! Stay tuned for more Switchere updates, and see you in late January.

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