Spartan Group Invests $110 Million in New DeFi Fund

Spartan Group plans to invest more than $100 million in the DeFi ecosystem. The focus isn’t only on Ethereum, Solana and other platforms should also be considered.

As TheBlock reported, Spartan Group, an investment and consulting agency, plans to invest in various DeFi ecosystems. Around $110 million are to be invested in various platform-independent projects. Initially, only $30 million were allocated for the fund. This sum is now more than three times.

It isn’t surprising that the DeFi sector in particular is very interesting for institutional investors. Traditional solutions faced with real competition and the number of DeFi users continues to increase. Spartan Group has already invested in dYdX and Arbitrum. It’s planned to invest in over 50 different projects over the next five years. 

Who Are Institutional Investors?

Institutional investors are companies or organizations that invest money on behalf of clients or members. These can be banks, hedge funds, family offices, but also listed companies such as MicroStrategy or Tesla. The US company, headed by Michael Saylor, was the first company ever to invest a significant sum in Bitcoin.

Many investors thought altcoin investments would be less interesting since Bitcoin is a ‘digital gold’. However, there isn’t only gold in the precious metals market. Silver and copper also play an important role. Moreover, the two metals are more needed than gold. 

We think that we will continue to see strong growth in the DeFi sector over the next few years. Investments like that will accelerate the process of creating ‘everyday’ DeFi products. These products in turn should be suitable for the masses and bring dApps to real market maturity.

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