The Basics of Mobile Cryptocurrency Mining

Today, it’s not necessary to have a super-powerful PCs consisting of modern expensive graphic cards and processors or organize modules from special ASIC devices.

It’s not difficult to start making money on cryptocurrency with the help of your own smartphone. Make sure you’re ready to find out the key principles, pros and cons of mobile mining with Switchere. Let’s get started!

Mobile Mining: What Are the Key Principles

If you have a great appetite to mine cryptocurrency on your smartphone, then you need to understand a number of significant peculiarities first. Before mining Bitcoins, Ethereums or other altcoins, you should make sure that the overall idea is profitable.

An income should attract with its tangibility, otherwise, a whole range of efforts, relating time costs and depreciation costs will turn the idea into a useless waste of time. In addition, regular overloading of a mobile will require frequent acquisition of new components for a smartphone or will contribute to its unrestorable crash. 

Mobile mining is very attractive for its accessibility and relative simplicity. Today, mobile phones are widely distributed, and the total time of their useful workload is minimal – 1.5-3 hours a day. This fact allows you to use periods of smartphone’s ‘downtime’ in the process of cryptocurrency mining.

Nowadays there is an ever-growing range of specific applications that allow you to receive Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. These apps are regularly improved by developers so that miners can receive their digital money much faster. 

Best Apps for Mobile Mining

  • Free MinerGate App (available for Android in GooglePlay). With its help, you can mine a range of popular coins (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Bytecoin, etc.).
  • ARM Mining Bitcoin mobile app (available for Android in GooglePlay). There is a paid ($0.99) and a free version. In a paid one ads aren’t shown. Bitcoin and other altcoins are available for mining.

Cryptocurrency mining on a mobile phone (smartphone, tablet) is a new type of gaining income, which appeared at the peak of cryptocurrencies’ popularity. You need to engage in this activity rather carefully, as it’s easy to lose an expensive mobile device due to ultra-high loads.

Mobile Mining: Key Advantages

Taking into account all aspects of mobile mining, it’s easy to identify an extremely small number of pros. The main reason for such a flailing state are the specific features of this method of cryptocurrency mining. Let’s consider some clear advantages of mining on smartphones!

  • Ease of use when a mobile device isn’t used for its intended purpose. 
  • Almost all applications for mobile mining are user-friendly and don’t take much storage space. 
  • You don’t need to invest a small fortune to mine digital coins. 
  • You don’t need to purchase high-power graphics cards, special cases or processors.  With today’s smartphones, you can expect minimum earnings on cryptocurrencies.

Mobile Mining: Key Disadvantages

It’s not a surprise that mining on any mobile phones, regardless of their price category and ‘internal’ configuration, is characterized by a lot of cons. Now it’s time to consider major disadvantages of mobile mining.

  • Minimum profitability due to the ‘physical’ impossibility of mobile phone upgrading and initially low computing power. 
  • A configuration of mobile devices doesn’t provide a rapid generation of blocks. 
  • A gradually complicated mining process due to the increase in the number of miners. 
  • The high cost of effective mining apps for Android and other operating systems. 
  • There is an incredibly high risk of a crash caused by malicious software.
  • Fast battery consumption, as well as general overheating of a device due to functional overloading. 
  • Frequent device’s hangups that require a reboot. 
  • An operational life of a device reducing. 
  • A useful functions blocking, for example, with a running mining program on a smartphone, it’s impossible to make or receive calls as well as send messages, etc.

Experienced miners professionally engaged in a cryptocurrency mining for a long period of time outline the unprofitability of mining on mobile devices. The idea has legs as you can’t expect a large, and regular income with this method of mining.

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