The Most Famous Crypto Traders & Their Secrets

Millions of people are trading cryptocurrencies, but so few of them do this successfully. In our today’s article, we’re about to continue our acquaintance with the most important and successful investors and as well as to share their secrets. Their personalities range from young, aspiring students to financial geniuses who recognized cryptocurrencies as potential speculative objects at an early stage.

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Brock Pierce

Brock Pierce is certainly the most recognizable name on this list. Not only since his incredibly successful investment in cryptocurrencies but since he was a little kid. Pierce can justifiably claim that he was a real ‘child star’. At a young age, he discovered acting for himself and became known worldwide for his roles in Hollywood films. He starred in films like Mighty Ducks (1992), Little Big Boss (1994), and Mr. President Junior (1996), which brought him money at a young age. Unlike many other child stars, he was later able to manage his money carefully as an adult.

Pierce, who likes to attract attention with flashy outfits, certainly knew a lot about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He not only made a name for himself as an early major Bitcoin investor, but he also acted as an advisor for many crypto projects. His deep knowledge led him to become CEO of the Bitcoin Foundation in 2014. At the time, he invested in numerous cryptocurrencies and companies, which should ultimately have brought him a fortune of 700 million to 1.1 billion US dollars. Today Brock Pierce lives in Puerto Rico and is still active as a crypto trader and advisor.

Andreas M. Antonopoulos

The British-Greek crypto trader Andreas M. Antonopoulos was born in London in 1972. Today Antonopoulos teaches the ‘Digital Currencies’ course at the University of Nicosia. He also runs the well-known Bitcoin podcast ‘Let’s Talk Bitcoin’. In 2012, he invested small sums in Bitcoin for the first time and quickly discovered great potential of the digital currency. He quickly became a part of the Bitcoin community and even gave up his freelance work as a computer security consultant. His way of speaking about cryptocurrencies at conferences has always been well received by the community. His articles in forums and news portals were also very popular.

In addition to his financial success through early investments, Andreas M. Antonopoulos acted as a consultant for crypto start-ups. He also organized a briefing session with the Senate of Canada and advised representatives from banking, trade, and political sectors on cryptocurrency. But Antonopoulos made a fortune not only thanks to his trading skills. After a conflict with the founder of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Roger Ver, thousands of followers supported the popular speaker with donations worth over 100 Bitcoin. To this day he is successfully engaged in cryptocurrency trading and also acts as a bestselling author.

Nicholas Merten aka DataDash

The American Nicholas Merten is a founder of the largest YouTube channel for crypto enthusiasts — DataDash. On his channel, Merten not only provides the basics and interesting facts about digital currencies but also records his own experiences in day trading. 

Before he founded his channel, which now has over 360,000 subscribers, he already had over seven years of experience on the traditional stock market. In addition to his activities on YouTube and his success as a crypto trader, Nicholas Merten also appears as a speaker at major conferences.

What other famous crypto traders do you know? Feel free to share your knowledge in the comments!

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