The Most Famous Crypto Traders: What Should You Know About Them?

Many cryptocurrency investors think that a certain propensity for risk-taking can pay off with a little luck. Especially those who were on the crypto market in the early stages could benefit from a hype at the end of 2017 and make big profits. However, some investors recognized the great potential of cryptocurrencies. Thanks to his investment, another investor even became a so-called celebrity in the crypto world and his name is known worldwide today.

In this article, we’re about to introduce the most important and most successful investors and tell their stories. Their personalities range from young, aspiring students to financial geniuses who recognized cryptocurrencies as potential speculative objects at an early stage.

Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss

We want to start with the most well-known personalities. The two Americans Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss have been known worldwide since the Hollywood movie ‘The Social Network’. They have also made a name for themselves as crypto traders. In 2013, Cameron and Tyler Winkelvoss announced that they would invest in a previously unknown cryptocurrency.

According to their own statements, this investment was worth $11 million. In the same year, the crypto traders also founded their own fund to facilitate investments in a new digital currency. The money invested ensured them up to almost one percent of all Bitcoin in circulation at the time. 

During the all-time high of the leading digital cryptocurrency, bitcoins purchased by brothers were worth over $1 billion. In addition to the cryptocurrency, they also invest money in some crypto companies, which should also pay off in retrospect. These companies include the Bitinstant payment service, the Winkdex rating platform, and the Gemini crypto exchange.

In addition to projects based on blockchain technology, the brothers also invest in many other companies via their own corporation. These include, for example, Authy, Clark, Eaze, or Kimono Labs.

Michael Novogratz

The American Michael Novogratz, born in 1964, has had a very eventful life from a financial point of view. As a hedge fund manager, Novogratz saved billions of dollars long before investing in cryptocurrencies. 

One day, Novogratz left the classic stock markets and concentrated on investments in cryptocurrencies. Unlike the Winkelvoss brothers, for example, he wasn’t one of the early investors. In 2015, he invested large sums in digital currencies and founded Galaxy Digital Holdings Limited. Michael Novogratz states that today he holds about 20 percent of his total assets in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Zcash.

What makes his corporation special is the fact that Galaxy Digital Holdings Ltd. has committed to disclosing its financial results. For example, the company made a profit of almost $26 million in 2019. Novogratz states that he made a profit of about $250 million from his own investments between 2016 and 2017. According to various estimates, he has generated about $800 million via investing in cryptocurrencies.

Barry Silbert

The American Barry Silbert can confidently be called a ‘gambler’. After graduating from Goizueta Business School, he devoted himself to his career on Wall Street. He devoted his passion for risk investments and founded the SecondMarket company. The company specialized in investing in particularly complex and branched technology groups. This primarily included start-ups that had the potential to become a new ‘unicorn’. The great success of SecondMarket aroused interest, so Silbert sold his company to Nasdaq for an unknown price.

But years before, he recognized the great future of a completely unknown and risky investment — Bitcoin. Upon joining the crypto world in 2012, Barry Silbert was one of the earliest major investors in today’s leading cryptocurrency. Long before the hype, he recognized the potential of the entire industry and founded the Digital Currency Group after selling SecondMarket. In this case, his willingness to take risks paid off and he invested large sums in companies and currencies from the crypto world.

With his investments in crypto companies in 2015, he was once again one of the first major investors in the new and innovative world of blockchain technology. The Digital Currency Group is supported by Coinbase, BitPay, Genesis, and CoinDesk. In addition, he repeatedly speculated on cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple. 

Today, Silbert’s company is divided into three areas — venture capital, high-risk investments in cryptocurrencies and crypto funds as well as the media industry with CoinDesk. It’s estimated that Barry Silbert has raised about $400 to $500 million just by speculating on cryptocurrencies.

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