The Sandbox Alpha Goes Live on November 29: Main Things to Know

Less than five days are left before the most important event for The Sandbox metaverse — the alpha version of the game will be launched. Sandbox Alpha goes live on November 29 at 1 pm (UTC).

On this day, players with Alpha Pass will have access to 18 missions, after completing which they can earn up to $1000 in SAND tokens and receive three exclusive NFT rewards.

Exclusive Alpha NFTs

Access to one mission will be open daily on weekdays. There will be 18 of them before the Alpha ends on December 20. They will be listed on the Alpha Map with the ability to track progress.

Players without an Alpha Pass will be given access to three missions and an Alpha Hub with its locations, quests, and the ability to communicate with other users. However, no awards will be provided.

How to Get the Alpha Pass?

The Sandbox Alpha Pass
  • Win the lottery. LAND Owners can take part in the giveaway of 1000 passes for VIP-persons. You can register for participation on the website until November 28. Each land plot gives a chance to win. Passes will be issued until November 29, when the Alpha Season goes live.
  • Win in daily contests. Anyone with a Sandbox account can take part in social media contests launched after the Alpha start. For three weeks in a row, you will have a chance to receive one of 750 passes for completing simple tasks.
  • Make a purchase on OpenSea. Pass owners can sell it on the secondary market. Therefore, if you did not win the lottery or lost in daily contests but really want to test the Alpha version of the game, you can take a look at OpenSea and buy a pass from other users. You can make a purchase from November 29 to December 19. After that date, the Alpha test will end, and the Pass will be useless.
Alpha Pass Claim Notification

Attention. Lottery winners will be notified with a pop-up message. There you can also click on the ‘Claim the Pass’ button to get a pass. In case you accidentally closed the message — don’t worry. You can also claim access on the Alpha page by clicking the button under your avatar. A little ETH is required to confirm the transaction.

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