The Sandbox Drops Alpha NFT Collection with 400 Assets 2021

Recently we have reported the launch of the alpha version of The Sandbox. The platform went live on November 29th at 1 pm (UTC).

Here comes more great news! The alpha version of the game will feature 400 new Alpha NFT Sandbox, which will go on sale in the market in December 2021. Given the large collection volume, NFTs will be sold in four stages. 

November 29th: Metaverse Agora Collection

Actually, the first one took place on November 29th. Various objects have appeared on sale within the NFT collection ‘Metaverse Agora’ — from small firefly insects to huge statues.

Metaverse Agora Collection

December 6th: Gear & Ducks Collection

The second NFT collection, ‘Gear & Ducks,’ went on sale on December 6th. Within its framework, you can purchase shields, cuirasses, helmets, swords, and much more that will come in handy in adventure mode. 

Metaverse Gears Collection

Also, if you have not seen ducks in the game before, you can buy them in the platform’s marketplace.

Metaverse Ducks Collection

December 13th: Creator Fund Collection

The third collection, created by the artists from the Creator Fund, will go on sale on December 13th. You will find amazing NFTs in this collection since the artists are known for their huge fantasy and creativity.

NFT Collection by Sandbox Artists

December 20th: Factions

The fourth NFT collection will hit the market on December 20th. It will be dedicated to the game factions: heroes, scientists, and oracles. If you have not yet decided which faction to join, now is the right time!

The Sandbox Alpha Faction Collection

If you are interested in a detailed guide on The Sandbox game, make sure to check our complete review on it. Stay tuned for more interesting news and useful articles!

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