The Ultimate Axie Infinity Buffs & Debuffs Guide to Know 2023

We continue to make reviews on the Axie Infinity game. If you are interested in the project, read our ultimate guide on Axie Infinity, full of in-game screenshots and helpful information!

Today, we will analyze what buffs and debuffs are as well as how to apply and combine them. As you may know from other games, your cards, attacks, or spells have two effects. 

The first is a positive effect, which is called a buff. The opposite of it is a debuff — a negative effect. In this article, you will find a description of all buffs and debuffs in Axie Infinity. Currently, there are 3 buffs and 13 debuffs in the game. Let’s consider all of them in detail!

Axie Infinity Buffs List

Axie Infinity Buffs 

Buff effects are cumulative. That is, you can, for example, apply the Morale Up buff twice in one move (for example, using two Self Rally cards). Thus, you will receive + 40% to the Morale indicator, thereby increasing the chance of a critical strike and the chance of entering the Last Stand.

Axie Infinity Debuffs List

Axie Infinity Debuffs

Now let’s try to understand the specifics of each of the debuffs with examples!


Since this debuff is applied only by one card (the Birds card Eggdomb), the Bird class uses it more often. A common combo is Dark Swoop (targets the fastest opponent) + Eggbomb (applies Aroma to the one who played this card) + Blackmail (transfers all debuffs to the attacked target)

Here is another use case (provided that your Bird goes first). Your tank has less than 100 HP, and the opponent will probably want to finish it off with the next move. You apply Eggbomb, and the enemy Axie will be forced to attack the Bird instead of the tank. And since the tank had less than 100 HP, then the opponent will probably play only two cards, which in most cases is not enough to kill your poor Bird.

Attack Down

With the ‘Attack Down’ debuff, everything is easier than with Aroma. It only decreases the damage that an Axie can deal for its next attack by 20%. Knowing that the next attack will deal 20% less damage, you can apply more shield on your target Axie, increasing its survival chances. 

Cards with Attack Down debuff:

  • Peace Treaty (Peace Maker mouth).
  • Bug Noise (Buzz Buzz back).
  • Neuro Toxin (Gila tail) — applies Attack Down on a poisoned target.
  • Risky Feather (The Last One tail) — applies two stacks of Attack Down debuff on Axie, which played this card. 


Only two cards apply this debuff — the Bird one Cool Breeze and the Fish one Water Sphere (Granma’s Fan and Ranchu tail, respectively). They are quite rare in the current meta, although Birds often use Cool Breeze card, but primarily due to its high damage, not the Chill effect.


There are quite a few strategies and tactics for using this debuff, but we would like to concentrate more on the mechanics of this effect.

Thus, three cards have this effect:

  • Terror Chomp (Cute Bunny mouth) — applies Fear for two turns when chained. 
  • Grub Surprise (Caterpillars horn) — applies Fear on a target with a shield.
  • Balloon Pop (Balloon back) — applies Fear for 1 turn when this card attacks the target). 


There is only one card with this effect — the Bug card Buzzing Wind (Spiky Wing back). This debuff is highly effective against enemies with skills that trigger shields and other shield effects.


There are only two cards with this debuff — Black Bubble (Tadpole tail) and Ill-omened (Raven back). The effect lasts two rounds (the round in which the debuff is applied + the next round). Works well against the Beast RIMP, whose main strategy is to hit and gain energy from each critical strike. 


This effect is applied only by the Beast card Death Mark (Axie Kiss mouth). The effect of this card is triggered when the Axie has less than 30% HP. Works great on armored beasts, which are difficult to backdoor with four cards.

Morale Down

The Heart Break Bird card (Cupid back) is the only card that applies this debuff. The ability to influence the outcome of a battle is not high, and the debuff is more like a bonus to a card with high damage (120 points, by the way).


It is a powerful debuff that can slowly kill the enemy DD and approach the late game with an advantage in HP.

There are as many as three cards with this debuff:

  • Bark Strike (Garish Worm back) — applies two stacks of poison when played in a chain. It is a good card that costs 1 mana, deals decent damage, and adds 50 shield points.
  • Venom Spray (Grass Snake tail) — applies 2 stacks of poison to the attacked target and costs 0 mana.
  • Gas unleash (Yam tail) — applies 1 stack of poison for each attack made against Axie, which played this card. It also applies 1 stack with a direct attack with this card.


Here is another Bird debuff. Soothing Song card (Doubletalk mouth) applies this effect, thus causing +80 damage to bypass the shield. The next attack will also bypass the shield. It is becoming more and more popular as a good counter to armored Axies.

Speed ​​Down

All these cards apply Speed ​​Down for two rounds. The only difference is in the ratio of damage/armor and cost. With the help of these cards, you can outwit the enemy fast Axie, overtaking it in speed, thereby depriving it of its main advantage — the right to go first.

  • Mystic Rush (Laggin horn) — costs 0 Mana, 40 Damage/0 Armor. Ideal card for armored Axies and chomp Reptiles.
  • Disarm (Incisor horn) — 1 mana, 100 damage/40 armor.
  • Nile Strike (Croc back) — 1 Mana, 90 Damage/60 Armor.


It is a very underestimated debuff that can serve as a backdoor. You apply this debuff on the tank with your fast Axie. With the next Axie you play cards on the basis that attacks will go to the next target. Only two cards have this effect:

  • Poo Fling (Unko horn).
  • Chemical Warfare (Ant tail).


It is one of the most dangerous and popular debuffs in the Axie Infinity game. It lets you deal a lot of damage bypassing the shield, and forces the opponent to literally throw the first card as it will miss its target due to the Stun effect. Only three cards can apply the Stun effect, but only one of them applies it when attacking.

  • Chomp (Tiny Turtle mouth) — applies Stun on the target if played along with two more cards.
  • Anesthetic Bait (Fish Snack tail) — applies Stun on the attacking Axie, provided that it strikes with a card of an Aquatic or a Bird creature. It works one time per round.
  • Sticky Goo (Snail Shell back) — an attack breaking the shield will apply Stun on the attacking Axie.

Maybe you have your combos or strategies with debuff attacks? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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