Top 10 Best GameFi Tokens That Are Worth to Know 2022

In the actively developing Play-to-Earn infrastructure, gameFi crypto tokens play an important role — they serve for NFT trading, reward players for in-game activity, and often also act as a project management tool. As the game itself develops, and its users grow, the value of in-game tokens also increases. 

We have compiled a list of the best gameFi tokens in great demand by players and investors. And since the platforms associated with them continue to grow, there is a greater likelihood of the rate growth of these assets.

GameFi Crypto Tokens: Key Things to Know

NFT and GameFi are two technology fields that continue to take over the blockchain industry, with one dough tied to the other. GameFi crypto tokens help creators monetize their digital content and guarantee copyright. GameFi combines Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Gaming, operating on a Play-to-Earn model instead of Play-to-Win. 

The main feature lies in the concept of distributing financial incentives through the gameplay.

By upgrading and improving their characters, players can make a profit. An additional advantage is that ordinary players manage their funds and not the company. Even if a server breaks down, all tokens and NFTs will remain in users’ wallets. So GameFi is more than entertainment, and it can be a way to make real money.

Top GameFi Tokens: Top 10 Most Promising Tokens

The top gameFi tokens listed really have great prospects for the near future since the projects associated with them are actively developing. Let’s consider these gameFi crypto tokens in more detail!

#1 Axie Infinity (AXS)

  • Token’s rate: $93.27
  • Market cap: $5,677,377,546 

$AXS is the Axie Infinity metaverse governance token, which meets the ERC-20 standard. Holders can receive a reward of $AXS by playing a game, participating in staking, voting for key decisions, and buying or selling NFT in-game content. The gameplay allows you to create and upgrade characters and fight in the arena with other players.

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All-Time $AXS Price Chart

#2 The Sandbox (SAND)

  • Token’s rate: $4.55
  • Market cap: $4,168,743,662

On The Sandbox platform, users can create voxel games and various in-game content with a dedicated editor. A $SAND token is considered one of the top gameFi tokens to date. With $SAND, you can buy/sell assets and land plots on the built-in marketplace, which serves as the basis for transactions and interactions on the platform. 

All-Time $SAND Price Chart

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#3 Enjin Coin (ENJ) 

  • Token’s rate: $2.29 
  • Market cap: $1,934,996,081

Enjin is an ecosystem that helps bring NFT and GameFi elements into apps. The platform provides a complete set of developer tools, which do not require deep technical knowledge to integrate. A developer just needs to provide information about the future app, connect the wallet and create their own collection assets in a matter of minutes.

All-Time $ENJ Price Chart

#4 Gala (GALA) 

  • Token’s rate: $0.4684
  • Market cap: $3,268,405,114

It is a platform for creating blockchain games based on easy accessibility. Thanks to NFT technology, players fully own what they have created or bought. It is a great advantage that the team actively communicates with users on Discord, discussing improvements made. The ecosystem already has over 16,000 nodes worldwide that power the platform. 

All-Time $GALA Price Chart


  • Token’s rate: $0.4265
  • Market cap: $803,275,296

WAX is the world’s widely used blockchain ecosystem for NFT, decentralized apps, and online games. The platform provides the ability to create, buy, sell both digital and tangible items anywhere in the world. Capcom, Funko, Atari, Sony’s Funimation are the project partners.

All-Time $WAXP Price Chart

#6 StarLink (STARL) 

  • Token’s rate: $0.00003465 
  • Market cap: $345,763,986

The StarLink metaverse touches upon the space theme based on digital real estate objects, which are satellites or space modules. A $STARL token serves as a basis for the ecosystem. Players can manage their unique avatars, evolve in 3D space, and trade NFT tokens. 

All-Time $STARL Price Chart

#7 Yield Guild Games (YGG) 

  • Token’s rate: $5.41
  • Market cap: $373,580,995

Yield Guild Games is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), where users vote on various games and digital assets, share strategies, and chat on Discord. In 2020, YGG funded an acclaimed mini-movie about how people in the Philippines make money with Axie Infinity.

All-Time $YGG Price Chart

#8 Illuvium (ILV) 

  • Token’s rate: $1,085.12 
  • Market cap: $710,382,260

Illuvium is a collectible RPG with NFTs where you have to mine resources and fight by building battle teams. In-game characters have unique stats that affect the overall strength of the team. An $ILV token is one of the best gameFi tokens in terms of price. Still, the $ILV token is not needed directly for the game — it is mainly an asset for decentralized governance, staking, and profitable farming within the platform. 

All-Time $ILV Price Chart


  • Token’s rate: $5.28
  • Market cap: $421,475,758

The MOBOX platform includes tools for creating in-game objects, NFT marketplace, governed by a decentralized autonomous organization. The game’s economy is based on a $MBOX token, which makes it possible to receive passive earnings, trade NFT tokens, and participate in the project’s management.

All-Time $MBOX Price Chart

#10 UFO Gaming (UFO)

  • Token’s rate: $0.00002103
  • Market cap: $541,573,779

According to the developers’ plan, it is a closed-economy metaverse that will include many games. And every new game added increases the potential value of the native token. The main gameplay is made in the style of aliens and belongs to RPG in terms of genre — you need to complete quests and upgrade characters.

All-Time $UFO Price Chart


Blockchain and crypto technologies can be difficult to understand for newcomers to the industry. Liquidity pools, staking, farming, DEX — the words sound as if they can be understood only by professionals. 

Games are another matter — everyone understands and loves them. Basically, they are at the development stage, but top gameFi tokens are already in great demand, and active players manage to earn big money on such projects. Therefore, it is definitely impossible to ignore this type of asset.

What are the best gameFi tokens? Feel free to share your favorite ones in the comments below!

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