Top 10 Best NFT Platforms to Buy, Sell and Create NFT Tokens

In today’s article, we’re about to review the top 10 best NFT platforms by trading volume over 30 days (November-December 2021). These platforms provide functionality for trading and exchanging non-fungible tokens related to arts, games, music, and other fields. The listed top NFT platforms operate in a decentralized manner and do not store NFTs but give this right to users. Anyway, let’s get to the point and get started!

Top NFT Platforms: What Are NFT Tokens?

Unique non-fungible tokens are called so because one cannot be replaced with another (for comparison, one single bitcoin is equal to any other bitcoin since there is no difference in value). In the case of NFT, each token has its own unique value depending on what is attached to it — a picture, a song, or a game object. 

Where Are NFTs Used? 

  • Games and metaverses. Blockchain games are becoming more and more popular since they allow players to receive additional income (the mechanism is called Play-to-Earn).
  • Digital art. Sale of paintings, animations, videos, music, and other creative content, with blockchain ownership confirmation. NFTs also provide creators with royalties on subsequent sales. 

Non-fungible tokens play an important role in expanding the possibilities of using blockchain in business. This is already noticeably going beyond financial issues and covers many users — gamers, investors, creative people, entrepreneurs, influencers.

Best NFT Platforms 2021: How to Choose a Marketplace?

At its core, without going into technical details, NFT plays the role of proving ownership or an asset’s authenticity. When choosing top NFT platforms, you need to understand what kind of assets you are interested in and, based on this, look for a suitable platform. The budget also plays an important role. 

Another important factor is liquidity. You can buy and sell NFTs quickly only on platforms with a large number of users and buyers. The best NFT platforms listed in this article are confidently leading in terms of trading volumes, and this is one of the main signs of successful trading.

NFT Platforms List: Top 10 Most Promising NFT Platforms

The NFT platforms list contains traditional platforms where you can trade any assets and specialized ones belonging to a specific metaverse or collection, where you cannot buy or sell objects created elsewhere. Let’s get started!

#1 OpenSea 

  • Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon
  • 30-day trading volume: $2,350,000,000
  • Number of traders: 379,000
  • Number of transactions: 1,090,00

OpenSea has been operating since 2017 and has been steadily holding its leading positions all this time. This is due to a simple, clear interface, high liquidity, low service commission fees. The platform integrated the Polygon blockchain to enable traders to save on network commissions. Thus, you can swap your ETH for WETH and use it for trading.

#2 Axie Infinity

  • Blockchain: Ethereum, Ronin
  • 30-day trading volume: $690,000,000
  • Number of traders: 643,000
  • Number of transactions: unknown 

Аxie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT-based blockchain games and one of the best NFT platforms 2021 today. Axie creatures act as NFTs here. The value of a pet depends on its unique stats and appearance. The developers plan to launch land trading in the near future, where players can mine resources for development.

#3 CryptoPunks

  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • 30-day trading volume: $155,000,000
  • Number of traders: 368 
  • Number of transactions: 5,420

CryptoPunks is one of the most popular crypto collections since some collectibles sell for millions of dollars. There are 10,000 punks in total, and each has its own attributes and type. For example, male punks are the most common ones, so they are cheaper, and alien punks are super rare. Thus, the cheapest one costs 23,000 ETH (about $90 million).

#4 Magic Eden

  • Blockchain: Solana
  • 30-day trading volume: $111,000,000
  • Number of traders: 93,000
  • Number of transactions: 2,670,000

It is one of the few NFT-marketplaces based on the Solana blockchain, which works as an exchange and a launchpad. Those wishing to place their collection should send an application for listing, and new projects can conduct a sort of IDO, allowing them to mint collections with minimal costs.

#5 AtomicMarket

  • Blockchain: WAX
  • 30-day trading volume: $108,000,000
  • Number of traders: 135,000
  • Number of transactions: 16,200,000

AtomicMarket ranks fifth in our NFT platforms list. It is a smart contract that acts as an aggregator of NFT marketplaces on the WAX blockchain. Several sites provide users with shared liquidity and the most profitable and convenient trading opportunities. Shared liquidity technology implies that objects are displayed at once on all connected marketplaces.

#6 Solanart

  • Blockchain: Solana
  • 30-day trading volume: $54,600,000
  • Number of traders: 40,200
  • Number of transactions: 533,000

The NFT marketplace based on the Solana network is focused on supporting artists and other creative people. The service commission fee for the sale of digital artwork is 3%. The platform allows finding the most exciting and promising collections, sorting them by popularity. The website also displays a list of collections that are only planned to be added.

#7 NFTrade

  • Blockchain: Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche
  • 30-day trading volume: $24,200,000
  • Number of traders: 10,200
  • Number of transactions: 110,000

The platform is very similar in appearance and functionality to OpenSea, but it supports more trading chains. Thus, it is easier for users to choose a suitable option for themselves with optimal commissions. The site contains a large number of full-fledged collections from different developers.

#8 Decentraland

  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • 30-day trading volume: $22,100,000
  • Number of traders: 756
  • Number of transactions: 5,210 

The Decentraland metaverse offers a variety of items for games, but land parcels in this digital world are the ones that draw the most attention right now. Users buy land plots as an investment, for advertising purposes, to rent out — there are plenty of options. Land parcels vary in price based on their location and digital objects placed.

#9 NBA Top Shot

  • Blockchain: Flow
  • 30-day trading volume: $21,000,000
  • Number of traders: 92,200
  • Number of transactions: 3,840,000

The marketplace is dedicated to the sale of collectible cards with basketball stars. These are photos and videos with the best moments, players, and teams. In addition to specific moments, there are also NFT packs of varying degrees of rarity — common, rare, legendary. Users can trade these NFTs on most best NFT platforms 2021 or exchange them with other users.

#10 SuperRare

  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • 30-day trading volume: $15,700,000
  • Number of traders: 596
  • Number of transactions: 1,490

The platform is mainly focused on artwork and digital paintings. It offers rather detailed filtering by which you can find the art you want. For example, show only those digital arts by a specific author, those where you can suggest a bid, and those that have not received a single bid yet, etc.


While the NFT industry is still growing, it has shown tremendous potential in terms of profitability. At the same time, there are still high risks associated with the novelty and instability of this market.

However, non-fungible tokens are going mainstream, and the best NFT marketplaces are trying to get as many interested users as possible since one should wait for many upcoming NFT platforms!

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