Top 10 Cryptocurrency Influencers You Need to Follow in 2022

Last year, cryptocurrencies attracted tens of millions of people, and many of them, in turn, heard about digital assets for the first time. Thus, it’s crucial that newbies receive only up-to-date and verified information from reputable and reliable sources.

Especially for those who have only recently learned the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum, we have compiled a rating of the most reputable influencers in the cryptocurrency industry. It’s pretty clear that their statements and comments are not the ultimate truth. Still, the opinion of these people, at least, is worth listening to.

Our heroes are the most famous personalities in the crypto community, and thousands of subscribers serve as confirmation of this fact. If you haven’t followed their social networks yet, then now is the right time!

#1 Ben Armstrong

The number of subscribers in social networks:

  • Twitter (@Bitboy_Crypto): 801,000;
  • Instagram: 428,000;
  • YouTube: 1.45M;
  • TikTok: 2.7M.
  • Total: 5.4M people

Ben Armstrong (Bitboy Crypto) is one of the most famous cryptanalysts in the global community of professionals. He actively manages his social networks and mainly posts video content. Thanks to the army of millions of subscribers, Armstrong is considered one of the most influential opinion leaders. He often generously shares financial forecasts regarding the near future of cryptocurrencies with his subscribers.

#2 Changpeng Zhao

The number of subscribers in social networks:

  • Twitter (@cz_binance): 5.1M;
  • Instagram: 161,000;
  • YouTube: no official account;
  • TikTok: no official account.
  • Total: 5.26M people

Changpeng Zhao is the founder and owner of Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world. His trading platform has managed to bypass all competitors in terms of the number of national licenses for doing business in different countries of the world. Only six months have passed since the creation of Binance and before it became the undisputed leader of the ranking of crypto exchanges by trading volume. In addition, Forbes included Zhao in the list of the wealthiest owners of cryptocurrencies with a fortune of $2 billion in a year after Binance’s launch.

#3 Justin Sun

The number of subscribers in social networks:

  • Twitter (@justinsuntron): 3.3M;
  • Instagram: 233,000;
  • YouTube: 21,000;
  • TikTok: 2,400.
  • Total: 3.55M people

Justin Sun is the creator of the Tron cryptocurrency, the owner of BitTorrent, and several technology firms. Before joining the crypto industry, he was famous for launching the most massive voice messaging app in China — Peiwo.

He worked at Ripple Labs until 2016, then left to start his own project. Just a year after its launch, 100 million users were registered on the Tron network.

Sun is a master of aggressive marketing. He is famous for provocative promotions aimed at promoting his cryptocurrency. Thus, a few months ago, Justin Sun offered Elon Musk $50 million worth of dogecoin to fund the launch of the SpaceX satellite to the moon for Tron and BitTorrent.

#4 Vitalik Buterin

The number of subscribers in social networks:

  • Twitter (@VitalikButerin): 3.26M;
  • Instagram: no official account;
  • YouTube: no official account;
  • TikTok: no official account.
  • Total: 3.26M people

Vitalik Buterin, perhaps, has long become the second most influential personality in the crypto industry after Satoshi Nakamoto. The youngest cryptocurrency billionaire is among the creators of the Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Buterin actively participates in many worldwide conferences and events devoted to cryptocurrencies. Still, the number of followers on his Twitter account shows that he also does not forget about this important tool for keeping in touch with the community.

In addition to a deep knowledge of his project’s structure, technology, and capabilities, Buterin has extensive knowledge of other cryptocurrencies. His personal website hosts many articles on current and future issues in the crypto industry and how to solve them.

#5 Anthony Pompliano

The number of subscribers in social networks:

  • Twitter (@APompliano): 1.48M;
  • Instagram: no official account;
  • YouTube: 347,000;
  • TikTok: no official account.
  • Total: 1.8M people

Anthony Pompliano is the founder of Morgan Creek Digital, the cryptocurrency division of one of the largest investment companies in the world. He manages his own podcast, The Pomp Podcast, where he talks about promising startups and shares his thoughts on the future development paths of the industry.

#6 Charles Hoskinson

The number of subscribers in social networks:

  • Twitter (@IOHK_Charles): 859,000;
  • Instagram: 31,000;
  • YouTube: 305,000;
  • TikTok: no official account.
  • Total: 1.19M people

Hoskinson is one of the developers of the Ethereum cryptocurrency. However, he was forced to leave due to disagreements with Vitalik Buterin about the further development of their joint project. 

As a result, Hoskinson left the Ethereum team and created his own cryptocurrency, Cardano. In 2021, his project proved to be promising, providing investors with a decent profit. Starting the year at $5 per coin, the ADA token rose to $76 at the end of August. Hoskinson actively communicates with his audience via Twitter and his own YouTube channel.

#7 Brian Armstrong

The number of subscribers in social networks:

  • Twitter (@brian_armstrong): 1M;
  • Instagram: 5,000;
  • YouTube: no official account;
  • TikTok: no official account.
  • Total: 1M people

Brian Armstrong is the co-founder and CEO of Coinbase, the largest public company cryptocurrency exchange. The trading platform under his leadership was one of the first in the industry to comply with the strict requirements of regulators and enter the US stock market. Armstrong plays an essential role in finding compromises in the process of reconciliation between the crypto community and the government.

#8 Andreas M. Antonopoulos

The number of subscribers in social networks:

  • Twitter (@aantonop): 698,000;
  • Instagram: 8,900;
  • YouTube: 309,000;
  • TikTok: no official account.
  • Total: 1M people

Antonopoulos is the world’s most widely read author of books on cryptocurrencies. In addition to popularizing cryptocurrencies through writing books, he also releases a lot of educational content in other popular formats: from short videos to large-scale webinars. Andreas is the co-author of the popular Speaking of Bitcoin podcast, where he discusses the technical aspects of cryptocurrencies and the future of decentralized finance.

#9 Charlie Lee

The number of subscribers in social networks:

  • Twitter (@SatoshiLite): 1M;
  • Instagram: no official account;
  • YouTube: no official account;
  • TikTok: no official account.
  • Total: 1M people

Charlie Lee is former CTO of Coinbase and creator of the Litecoin cryptocurrency. In his Twitter account, Charlie shares with subscribers the latest news from the world of cryptocurrencies, often in the form of memes and comics that make it easier to understand various subtleties. In the global crypto community, Lee is considered one of the most authoritative and reliable sources of information about crypto technologies.

#10 Roger Ver

The number of subscribers in social networks:

  • Twitter (@rogerkver): 742,000;
  • Instagram: 29,900;
  • YouTube: 21,900;
  • TikTok: no official account.
  • Total: 793,800 people

Roger Ver is one of the early supporters of bitcoin. He has invested in cryptocurrencies since the early days of the industry. Roger often travels the world, trying to convey to people all the benefits of digital assets, and is considered a welcome guest at various events and conferences. Many call Roger Ver the ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ for his huge contribution to popularizing the first cryptocurrency.


Of course, the list of reputable crypto influencers is not limited to these 10 people. There are many other industry experts whose opinions are highly valued by thousands of crypto enthusiasts.

Still, for those who take their first steps in the vast world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, it is essential to receive only reliable information. Thus, the experts included in our rating are able to explain the fundamental principles of the industry and its latest innovations in a simple and accessible language.

What other crypto influencers do you know? Feel free to share the ones you follow in the comments below!

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