Top 10 Weirdest and Most Expensive NFTs Ever Sold

Sometimes you wonder why people can pay a million for online goods. Popular NFT art is driving the whole world crazy — more new and unusual digital artworks appear almost every day.

We decided to collect some of the weirdest and craziest NFTs that have ever been sold on marketplaces. Tweets, the ex-president’s corpse, and digital toilet paper — what are people buying as NFTs? Let’s try to find out!

#1 A Symphony of Recorded Farts

Sold for: $85

Yeah, you heard right, you can listen to such a symphony for $85 performed by Alex Ramírez-Mallis and his friends. They have been recording this 52-minute symphony for a year, and the team also has a separate selection of these sounds available for purchase. The cost for the individual farts starts from $85 as NFTs.

#2 Twig

Sold for: $1,200

Woof! Digital dogs should get ready — here is a digital stick that can be purchased for $1,200. Its creator says the stick came from a pavement in West Village, NY, ‘where picturesque tree-lined streets blend perfectly with the putrid smell of overflowing trash that makes the area so irresistible to dogs. There is nowhere else like it.’

#3 Digital Toilet Paper

Sold for: $4,100

Need some toilet paper after listening to a symphony of recorded farts? When here it comes! Toilet paper maker Charmin minted NFTs featuring images or gifs of rolls of TP festooned with flowers or poop emojis — get some and enjoy the go!

Charmin also said in a tweet: ‘Sometimes the comfort of going to the toilet is determined outside the toilet. That is why we decided to unwind the first-ever NFT toilet paper.’

If you buy one, it comes with a physical display to hang by your toilet. All proceeds go to the Direct Relief charity fund, which is engaged in searching and supplying vital medical consumables to regions in need.

#4 Digital Perfume

Sold for: $18,000

Let’s take a look at another one of the weirdest NFTs on our list. Berlin-based Look Labs sold its ‘Cyber Eau de Parfum,’ the first digital-only fragrance, which hails itself as ‘the first unisex fragrance with an illuminated label, embedded printed electronics, and a focus on sustainable materials.’

Using near-infrared spectroscopy, developers scanned the perfume’s packaging, bottle, and fragrance, creating a digital image. As an NFT, the molecular wavelengths of the perfume sold for $18,000.

#5 Disaster Girl Meme

Sold for: $473,000

A meme girl who became famous after one very iconic photo and is now referred to as a disaster girl. An iconic photo of Zoë Roth smiling in front of a house fire was sold as NFT for $473,000.

#6 Digital Home

Sold for: $512,000

Mars House was designed by Canadian artist Krista Kim. The main idea was to create a digital building that would be calming and meditative. Together with a designer, a virtual space was created using an app that is used to create video games. The house went under the hammer for half a million dollars.

#7 Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet

Sold for: $2.9 million

The former Twitter CEO decided to leave expensive NFT memory for his fans before he retired. Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet, ‘just setting up my twttr,’ for $2.9 million. Crypto entrepreneur Sina Estavi who had bought this tweet, later listed the NFT for sale again at $48 million in April 2022.

#8 Grimes’s Flying WarNymph Babies

Sold for: $5.8 million

Canadian musician and artist Grimes, better known as Elon Musk’s ex-girlfriend, has created ten digital artworks. One series of 10 works was exhibited at the Nifty Gateway in February 2022 — some were in a single copy, others in thousands of copies. Still, here we have winged naked babies with tattoos and spears guarding the planet Mars, sold for $5.8 million.

#9 Beeple’s Trump Corpse

Sold for: $6.6 million

Back in November 2020, the digital artist Beeple sold an NFT titled Crossroads that changed based on the outcome of the 2020 election. If Trump retained office, the artwork depicted him muscle-bound and naked, stomping through hell. If Biden won, the 10-second video would depict the 45th president’s lifeless and graffiti-covered corpse sprawled in a park. 

The first time around, someone bought Crossroads for $66,666.60, but later, it was resold on the secondary market for a whopping $6.6 million.

#10 Taco Bell

Sold for: $69 million

A mouth-watering burrito that you can just look at. Would you pay $69 million for such a delicious NFT? Someone really did it. All money raised by the Taco Bell Foundation went to a charity for youth scholarships.


In this article, we showed you the most unusual and weirdest NFTs that cost a lot of money. Collect, buy or sell your NFTs, and maybe someday, you will become one of those artists who are sold for millions of dollars on NFT marketplaces!

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