Top 3 Alternatives to OpenSea NFT Marketplace to Know in 2022

The NFT industry s booming, but many investors are wondering which NFT marketplaces are good and safe enough. Where are the lowest fees? Today, we’re about to present the top 3 best NFT marketplaces in 2022.

NFTLaunchpad is the best new NFT marketplace. The platform, launched in early 2022, offers NFT collectors and traders everything a heart desires. Thus, you can buy, mint, and sell NFTs.

Artists can choose from numerous formats – including MP4. It is also possible to mint either individual or several NFTs as a collection. In addition, you can determine license fees and rarity levels and then sell your NFTs either at a fixed price or in an auction.

The appealing design and the large selection of NFTs have so far been very well received in the crypto community. The goal of the NFTLaunchpad developers: The platform should become the best, most accessible, and most secure NFT marketplace — and currently, it is definitely on the right way. uses a multi-blockchain approach. This means that the NFT marketplace relies not only on Ethereum but on several blockchains. Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon (MATIC) have already been integrated. Further blockchains are to follow in the near future.

Thus, NFTLaunchpad offers NFT beginners, advanced users, traders, and collectors a promising platform for all aspects relating to the NFT sector. Here you will find rare collectibles, digital artworks, and NFTs in the fields of music, video, or gaming. Be sure to try it!

The NFT app and marketplace from also caused quite a stir as one of the largest and most popular crypto exchanges.’s NFT marketplace was launched in March 2021 but has since established itself as one of the best NFT marketplaces.

Among other things, the platform benefits from the excellent reputation of the exchange — for example, in terms of its user-friendliness and extremely low fees.

  • Universal platform. offers both cryptocurrencies and NFTs — this makes the broker an all-rounder. 
  • Practical for beginners. On, it is possible to buy NFTs with credit cards. Many competing exchanges offer only cryptocurrency payments.

Important! You cannot log into the NFT marketplace with your existing account. Instead, you need an additional one. However, it is quick to set up, so don’t let that put you off. 

For example, the many prominent partnerships of the exchange speak in favor of’s NFT marketplace. has already secured partnerships with world-renowned brands, including Formula 1 and the UFC. This gives NFT collectors and enthusiasts a huge selection of exclusive sports NFTs on!

In addition to that,’s NFT marketplace also offers all kinds of NFTs relating to music, games, or art. If you are looking for specific NFTs, you will definitely find them here!

Binance NFT

The NFT marketplace of the world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, is also very popular. Here NFT collectors and traders will find all the functions that make buying NFTs as nice and easy as possible. You get an overview of all the NFTs on offer and can sort and filter them easily. The selection of NFT artists is still somewhat limited, as only artists selected by the exchange are currently allowed to place and sell NFTs. However, this should change in the near future since Binance NFT wants to be accessible to everyone.

Binance’s NFT marketplace accepts both Binance Coin (BNB), Binance USD (BUSD), the exchange’s stablecoin, and Ethereum (ETH) as payment methods. The respective artist then determines which currencies you can use to pay for an NFT.

The Binance NFT marketplace uses the fast and inexpensive Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to mint NFTs. It came directly from Ethereum as a fork but is much cheaper and much faster. So far, creating an NFT on the Binance NFT marketplace is free — only blockchain fees are charged. However, they usually amount to a maximum of 20 cents.

Another benefit of the Binance NFT marketplace is that you don’t need a new account to buy and sell NFTs there — you can log in with the same username/email address and password you use on the Binance crypto exchange. In addition, the platform scores with the comfort you are used to from Binance. Thus, all functions are accessible almost instantly and are also very easy to use. It’s definitely one of the best platforms to buy NFTs!


Choosing the right marketplace for NFT trading helps you quickly buy/sell a digital art or game object of interest. It also affects the benefit, that is, the amount of commissions that you have to pay. While most marketplaces use Ethereum, some opt for newer blockchains with low fees. This article contains examples of the best NFT marketplaces where you can create, buy and sell NFTs if you are a collector or investor.

What is your favorite NFT marketplace? Feel free to share the best one in the comments below!

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