Top 5 Best NFT Games for 2023: Everything You Need to Know

Even last year, it was obvious that GameFi would become one of the main crypto market trends in 2022, as it was with DeFi in 2019 and NFT in 2021. GameFi combines both of these technologies, adding game mechanics to them, making the projects popular.

In 2021, the best NFT games accounted for more than half of all dApps traffic. Judging by forecasts, the TLV volume in blockchain games will be more than $200 billion, which means that even more players and projects will join this market. Today, we’re about to consider the best NFT games 2023. Let’s get started!

Top NFT Games: Key Benefits to Know

One of the main advantages that top NFT games offer is transparency. It plays the role of establishing trust between players. In general, such transparency is directly related to blockchain technology. All transactions and purchases made are tracked and recorded in a digital ledger. To put it simply, all these in-game purchases are not regular but are actions that players make in a particular game.

All top NFT games are pretty much secure as they are based on the blockchain. Another major advantage of NFT games is ownership. Whenever a player purchases an in-game collectible, all game items are automatically stored on the blockchain, and therefore it is completely impossible to steal them. Thus, this protects NFT games from any cyber attack.

NFT Games List: 5 Best NFT Games for 2022

GameFi is popular among players, investors, and developers, so new, promising projects appear almost every day. Today, we will consider only the best NFT games that are worth paying attention to right now. Let’s get started!

#1 Boar War

It’s a card game created in the best traditions of 90s fantasy and one of the upcoming NFT games. Classics like Gwent and Hearthstone inspired the developers. Here users will be able to fight, explore and conquer lands, create dynasties and new generations of characters.

Players receive a profit in the form of a native $ACORN token for quests, battles, and land ownership. The token can be instantly swapped for ETH or BTC. To play, you will need characters in the form of NFTs, which have 4 levels of rarity. The cost of one game NFT will start from 0.04 ETH, and it will be possible to buy it at the presale with a 25% discount.

The game is already in development, and a mint NFT collection of 8,000 playable characters went live in April. The developers plan to create a decentralized game that the community will manage. To do this, a native governance token $TRUFFLE will be issued. It is worth noting that the team has long-term plans, emphasizing sustainable development. Part of the proceeds from the sale will go to the Wildlife Protection Fund.

#2 Rust Cup Game

This is one of the top NFT games and the first P2E game on the Everscale network. The Rust Cup is named after the seven-month validator competition on the Everscale network, a blockchain platform based on the TON protocol. During the operation of the test network, a world record for blockchain throughput was set, and in honor of this, the and teams launched the first game on the Everscale blockchain.

Rust Cup Game is an indirect rally racing game. To play, you need to purchase an NFT car model and participate in joint races, winning prizes in native Everscale blockchain tokens ($EVER). The game has been recently launched, and the trading volume of gaming NFTs on the grandbazar marketplace has already exceeded 32.5K $EVER.

Grandbazar Marketplace

Currently, the project team is finalizing the site, contracts, game mechanics, and its collection. In fact, the project has just started its development, so now is the best time to enter. Given the activity and growing popularity of the Everscale blockchain, the game has every chance to get into the NFT games list for 2022.

#3 JadeBuddha

One of the game’s main features is that the in-game silver, gold, and platinum NFTs will have the real equivalent of these metals in kind. Yes, you can mine in-game gold in the literal sense. Users will have to engage in chemistry and physics, or rather the most interesting part of them — the creation of new elements. This is what the game mechanics of JadeBuddha is based on, making it one of the best NFT games 2022.


The game on the BSC blockchain is an idle game whose goal is to create chemical compounds and collect $JADE, a divine in-game NFT element, which can then be sold or exchanged for a real jade artifact.

Behind the project is a team of game developers and crypto enthusiasts who create a game using the concept of yield farming, where users provide their crypto assets to the liquidity pool and receive high interest in return.

It is free to start playing but to create chemical compounds, open locations, and trade on the in-game market, and you need to buy $JADE tokens on PancakeSwap. The token will be created after the game launch, and the proceeds from the NFT sale will ensure its liquidity.

#4 Exaverse

Modern battle royale games inspired the game team. Exaverse has everything to be the blockchain version of Fortnite: skin selection, clans, grinding, Battle Royal, PvE, and Castle Fights. This is a whole metaverse on the Unreal Engine with AAA-class gameplay. A rather promising start.

Players will be able to earn in-game tokens that can be exchanged for weapons and character abilities or just cashed out. The internal market offers a convenient exchange between players with low commissions and fast payment confirmations.

Currently, the project team negotiates with investors and works on a white paper. In the spring, the presale of the first NFTs on Ethereum and NEAR is expected, and at the end of the year, one should expect the release of the game’s alpha version with a royal battle mode for up to 100 players per session.

#5 Star Atlas

And the last but not the least game in our NFT games list is another AAA game but on the Solana blockchain. Star Atlas is a space exploration MMORPG. The concept of the metaverse will combine traditional games and blockchain mechanics.

One of the main game features is the graphics with Nanite technology from Unreal Engine 5, which can boast cinematic quality. The game release will be another confirmation that soon, most games will use blockchain technologies in various ways.

The project is supported by the FTX exchange and has direct integration with the Serum decentralized exchange. The economy of the metaverse will be supported by the $ATLAS token, which is required to purchase in-game NFT elements: crew, ships, lands, and so on. In fact, Star Atlas tokenomics demonstrates how the blockchain works. 

The game will also have $POLIS, a metaverse control token that will allow holders to influence the game’s development.

Best NFT Games 2023: Final Conclusions

Currently, the best NFT games have become one of the dominant forces in the crypto space. As NFT develops, the concept of NFT games is expected to reach staggering heights soon. So, taking advantage of this new opportunity now is the best way to get big awards and prizes in the near future.

Do you play NFT games? What are the best NFT games? Feel free to share your experience in the comments below!

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