Top 5 Most Popular NFT Collections on OpenSea in 2022

NFT collections are digital objects created according to a single principle. It can be art, digital land, music, and in general, everything that can be stored in a digital form. In this article, we have compiled a list of five NFT digital art collections on OpenSea. Let’s find out more about these collections, as well as their creators and price!

Crypto Stamp

  • Where to buy NFTs: OpenSea;
  • The number of owners: 153.2K;
  • Collection creators: Österreichische Post AG, or Austrian Post;
  • Collection price: from 0.004 ETH to 1,500 ETH.

Briefly About the Collection

The Crypto stamp NFT collection contains crypto stamps. They can be used both for postal purposes and stored as a digital image on the blockchain. The collection has 3 editions.

The first edition (Crypto stamp 1.0) was released in 2019. The stamps of this edition depicted a unicorn. According to the collection’s creators, the unicorn is an iconic animal of the Ethereum community.

The second edition (Crypto stamp 2.0) was released in June 2020. It depicted four animals on stamps: a llama, a panda, a dog, and a honey badger. The Österreichische Post AG states it is currently working on a third edition.

In these editions, images of animals were the same, but NFT stamps differed in colors. The colors of the stamps, from the rarest to the most frequent, are red, yellow, blue, green, black.

In June 2020, a special edition of ‘Goldenes Einhorn’, or ‘The golden unicorn,’ was released. It contained 1,000 NFT stamps. The first 500 were sold out within 20 minutes of release, and another 499 were entered into cryptocurrency prize draws. They were distributed to the winners of the draw as a prize. The last thousandth mark was raffled during the cryptocurrency campaign from the Austrian Post.


  • Where to buy NFTs: OpenSea, NFTx;
  • The number of owners: 5.1K;
  • Collection creators: 70 artists and Suum Cuique Labs GmbH, which provides IT services;
  • Collection price: from 0.86 ETH to 69,696,969 ETH.

Briefly About the Collection

These are 16,384 digital portraits created by 70 different artists. They depict characters with different skin colors, body patterns, eyes, accessories, and other details. Each portrait is unique and rare, but the creators say that some are rarer than others.

Initially, the masks do not have titles. With NCT (Name Changing Token), owners give and change the portraits’ titles they have bought. Every day from the moment of purchase, 10 NCTs are accumulated. In six months, there will be 1,830 of them — enough to change the title of the NFT art.

On January 26, 2031, NCTs will stop accumulating, and at some point, no one else will have tokens to change the name of the portrait. Then the collection of 16,384 NFT arts with unique titles will be completed.


  • Where to buy NFTs: OpenSea, NFT20, build-in marketplace;
  • The number of owners: 3.3K;
  • Collection creators: a husband-wife duo who believes in the future of crypto and NFTs;
  • Collection price: from 0.045 ETH to 5,000 ETH.

Briefly About the Collection

These are 10,000 GIFs sized 32×32 pixels, scaled up to 320×320. Chubbies are animated animals dressed in different costumes.

Each of the Chubbies is unique. Thus, each GIF has a different background, and the animals are dressed in different costumes, expressing various emotions. And the creators offer not just to buy them but to ‘adopt.’ So buying Chubbies is not only a way to build your NFT collection but also an opportunity to own a digital animal.

After purchasing the NFT, you can use it wherever and however you like. There are many options: you can use it as a digital avatar, sell it or store it in your personal NFT collection. 


  • Where to buy NFTs: OpenSea, build-in marketplace;
  • The number of owners: 3.4K;
  • Collection creators: Larva Labs;
  • Collection price: auction prices.

Briefly About the Collection

CryptoPunks are 10,000 collectible characters, each uniquely generated. These are 24×24 pixel images. Each punk has its own page, which shows its accessories and status.

The sale status of CryptoPunks characters is displayed via the background color. Thus, red — the NFT is available for sale by its owner. Blue — the character is not for sale and has no current bids. Purple — the NFT has an active bid on it.

The code that makes it possible to store, sell and exchange CryptoPunks is stored on the blockchain. Nobody can change it — not even the developers themselves. This ensures that there are only 10,000 punks, and no one will ever be able to add new ones or remove existing ones.

Meme Factory

  • Where to buy NFTs: OpenSea, build-in marketplace;
  • The number of owners: 1.8K;
  • Collection creators: District0x;
  • Collection price: from 0.002 ETH to 400 ETH.

Briefly About the Collection

According to the creators of MemeFactory, the collection includes ‘provably rare digital collectibles,’ or ‘memes.’ These NFT memes are ‘provably rare’ since they must be added to TCR (Token Curated Registry) before being sold. TCR is a registry that is formed by voting.

To vote, you need a specific currency — DANK. You can get it for free by confirming your phone number. After confirmation, the platform will issue a small amount of DANK to participate in voting.

Participants themselves determine which memes will be included in the MemeFactory NFT collection. You can not only vote for memes but also create them. Then other users will vote for them, and, perhaps, the arts will be added to TCR for further sale. Profits from memes sales go to their creators.


The range of NFT capabilities is unlimited and extremely varied. Given the growing popularity and adoption of NFTs, many new digital artists drew attention to this technology. There is no doubt that more artists will enter the sector in the near future. Thus one should wait for upcoming NFT collections!

What is your favorite NFT collection? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

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