Top 5 Realistic Ways to Make Money Online in 2020

Digitalization has created completely new professions that would be impossible without modern technology. In addition, thanks to that traditional professions have been raised to a new level and can be practiced differently today. This has made it possible to earn money in a variety of ways from your home computer. This article introduces five ways in which the Internet can be used to earn extra money or to make a living.

#1 Bitcoins

Bitcoin is a comparatively young digital currency and still a great scene for investors. Theoretically, with this online currency, money can be made quite easily. That’s why professional investors also try it. Basically, there are two ways to work with bitcoins. The first one is a process known as mining — users provide computing power necessary to maintain the Bitcoin network. In return, they get the opportunity to ‘mine’ their own bitcoins and earn money off it.

Mining is extremely safe, but you have to invest in high-quality PCs and a lot of electricity. In addition, it takes a while to make good money from mining on a regular basis. If you’re about to make money a little faster and are willing to take certain risks, you can trade bitcoins. They have different market values ​​and can be bought and sold like any other currency. However, experience with a stock market and financial transactions is required. In addition, traders should always be aware that if they make wrong decisions, all their money can be lost.

#2 Take Surveys

In the digital world, data is a new currency. It’s relevant for companies to know and evaluate the interests of their target group. That’s why it’s possible to use data to make money on the Internet. Surveys are a popular option. Here, interested parties have the opportunity to express their opinion on certain topics and receive some money for this.

The advantages of participating in surveys are quite obvious. Users can organize their time freely and decide for themselves how much they want to participate in the surveys. The work is suitable for almost everyone, as no special prior knowledge is required. On the contrary, companies are interested in a genuine view of the participants. In addition, no fees have to be paid for participating in surveys and everyone is free to decide against a survey if the topic is uninteresting. Moreover, surveys can be carried out from mobile devices. So, it’s possible to earn some money while on the move or, for example, while waiting for a bus.

#3 Create Content

Content is extremely valuable on the Internet. Websites and online shops are widely visited by customers if they have interesting content or products to offer. Some companies don’t have much time or knowledge to create quality content on their own. Here it’s possible to step in as a freelancer and make money on the creation of certain content.

Texts are a typical example of content. For example, companies need product descriptions for their online shops, guides for their blogs, or posts for their social media channels. Those who are talented in copywriting can either earn something on texts or even make a living. The same applies to creation of images and videos. Websites that rely exclusively on texts aren’t very attractive. Images and videos compensate for this and keep visitors interested. Depending on quality of content, different sums of money can be earned. 

#4 Become an Influencer or Gamer

Influencers and gamers are professional groups that developed with the help of digitization. These are people who post content on social media channels and place advertisements on them. A target group deals with individual content and gets various advertising content. The greater the reach of influencers and gamers, the better-paid advertising can be placed.

Despite this business concept, it’s particularly important for influencers and gamers to provide high-quality content. You will only get people excited about you and turn them into followers if you offer them added value. If you only post advertising, you will hardly attract any visitors to your website. Gamers in particular have an opportunity to present games in different ways. You can play games yourself, showcase unboxing videos, or engage with the gaming scene in a satirical or artistic way. The more people they attract, the greater is their financial success on the Internet.

#5 Virtual Assistance

Virtual assistance is another field which allows to make money online. While the ways mentioned above are primarily used to make a little extra money, virtual assistance can be a full-time job. Here, virtual assistants relieve companies of work that costs time but brings nothing. This includes, for example, coordination of business meetings, bookkeeping, or research tasks. These tasks can be easily done from your own computer and the results are sent to a customer in digital form.

To be successful as a virtual assistant, you first have to make a name for yourself. This means creating personal profiles on various job platforms as well as promoting your own skills. As soon as the first customers are attracted, an income is generated. Your profit increases continuously with experience and a number of customers. Those who already have customers and can use them as references tend to attract more new customers. In this way, you continuously build up a regular customer base and can live off virtual assistance over time.

What other ways to make money online do you know? Just share your knowledge in the comments!

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